Jagga Jasoos: Movie Review

Jagga Jasoos: Movie Review

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Jul 14, 2017  Updated On : Apr 23, 2018

Jagga Jasoos is like going on a world tour on an electric train with no seatbelts and brakes!

Thrilled? Well, you should be when the movie gives you goose bumps, a stomach ache laughing & leaves you powerless to let that teardrop slip off your eyes all at the same time!

Right from the deserts of Mombasa, to the dense forests of Manipur to some Chhau dance in Purulia…

Giddyup! Here we go….

For all the fans of Feluda, Byomkesh Bakshi & Alfred Hitchcock, it should be something you must check out for sure and for those having second thoughts for it being a musical, let me tell you beforehand, all the characters here love to sing more than talk in the 1st half (that might get boring), but trust us, in the 2nd half, it would leave you yearning for the climax! Just like an opera or a musical!

Mumbling Ranbir is so much more fun than the mute Ranbir! The 1st half is all about this comic superhero character of Jagga, whom children love and the whole silver screen turns entirely into the colourful pages of the comic books! But then again, there’re too many Bengali words in the punch lines, that would have tickled the viewers if it were in hindi! 

The shots & the cuts are all ‘Basu’ special, thanks to the screenplay by himself! However, the first 10 minutes of the film has that ‘Barfi Hangover’ which might be nostalgic for Basu, but repetitive for us. The cinematographer is Ravi Varman, who also had done it for Barfi and even in Jagga there are parts where one gets reminded of Barfi, but is then immediately followed by how ENTIRELY DIFFERENT both films are from each other. While Barfi had a poised narrative, JAGGA is like a rapid endless chase, that’s a leverage to sway you for another ride. Engaging at the very best!

The VFX are gorgeous to watch on the big screen especially after a stressful week, but at times they do feel artificial. The Editing was fine till the ‘car in a desert’ shot kept on repeating in different backgrounds and looks like they ran out of ideas.

Pritam has outdone himself as he captures the tone of the movie entirely through music – from Soft Rock, Manipuri Folk to the music of the tribes of Mombasa! The 1st half, music starts with a hush and further blooms into a lullaby, giving it a dreamlike feeling.  The 2nd half catches you completely off-guard as the screen fills with disturbing & undeniable facts of terrorism as happy music plays in the background and the voice over of children naming the heinous acts of terrorism gives you the chills! A safari truly!

Especially the catchy song ‘Galti Se Mistake’ is aptly timed after all that adrenaline-rushing suspense, makes you dance to its melody! Not to forget the amazing ‘BeatBoxing’ music of Ranbir & Pritam that tends to grow on you!

This is perhaps one of the rarest films in Bollywood where comedy is in all forms, from clean to dark satirical – it doesn’t fail to make you laugh in those tight-spot climaxes!

Something  that no one in their wildest daydreams could have anticipated from a Disney movie, ‘Global Terrorism’ goes deeper into the swamp of Ammunition Drops & Illegal Arms Marketing and brings attention to the dark waters of USSR, CIA & India – which is the biggest market of illegal ammunition purchases because of the naxalites,  which will really make your eye balls pop & jaws wide, as meerkats & ostriches in the frame serve as the perfect contrast! Then you’re remembered it’s a jungle safari after all!

Katrina & Ranbir together are amazing to watch and give every reason to relish the after-taste of their onscreen presence – that’s exhilarating to fun! However, against everyone’s expectations there’s not much chemistry between the two, except one scene that too fades away soon from the memory.  Katrina who keeps falling & Ranbir who keeps on mumbling & beat boxing are overall a killer combo! Saswat Chatterjee has again proved what an extra-ordinary actor he is, pulling off the character of Tooti-Footi! Saurabh Shukla on the other hand is the bad guy along with Denzil Smith who’re the only antagonists in the movie!

For all those planning to watch this movie, HANG ON THERE, as a surprise awaits in the very end of the film!

Overall a beautiful movie to watch along with children, who would enjoy it, while the adults ponder over the facts! It’s a movie that would surely be remembered for times to come!

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Happy Jasoosing everyone!