Jab Harry Met Sejal Review, You dont wanna miss this!!!

Jab Harry Met Sejal Review, You dont wanna miss this!!!

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Aug 5, 2017  Updated On : Apr 24, 2018

It’s official. Jab Harry met Sejal has nothing similar to Jab Harry met Sally.

Love. The most painful and the most blissful thing about life! Why do we fall in love? As humans, perhaps, there is no other way...there is no higher order. I was reminded of this again when I was watching the film.

Jab Harry met Sejal has all the trappings of a Bollywood drama but it still feels different from all Bollywood dramas. Whether you like Imtiaz Ali’s films or not, you cannot take away from him – his understanding love and longing. But for good or bad, Imtiaz Ali is in a bubble of his own this time.


On the surface, the story is quite simple. Anushka is Sejal, meaning flowing river, but she is trapped. And, she doesn’t know that yet. She is touring Europe with her fiancée and family. Her life takes a turn when she loses the engagement ring, has an altercation with her fiancée and decides to stay back and look for the ring. Shah Rukh Khan is Harry, the tour guide, who is running from traps but is unhinged. Ultimately, despite the oddities, love does happen.

That is what unfolds, plot-wise. But there is more happening underneath. In the space of the days that pass, the suppressed voices of life emerge and take siege. Things that haven’t occurred to them, the things which they just lived with otherwise, everyday, come to the front and center. Didn’t that happen in Tamasha or even Highway? But here the characters aren’t particularly likable. And, to most of us, it may even seem unreal. The man is raffish and carefree, the woman is conceited.

The film is not being received well. To afford the luxury of dissatisfaction even when every necessity of yours is covered is quite alien to the Indian mind. I can understand why. But we cannot just drub it off! A man who is visited by the paddy fields of his countryside which he has left in his childhood. The hollow that exists! He is almost defined by it; by what he longs for!

Technically, the film is top-of-the league in all departments. Europe has been shot more stylishly than most European films. Music has soul, rhythm, tonality almost everything. Hawayein is exceptionally sung and shoots a wound in a heart. For the first time in her career, Anushka looks completely invested in the character. Rest of the performances are average.

For some strange reason, the film reminds me of Before Sunrise. But, more than that, there are glimpses of Tamasha. There is a part where Harry and Sejal are escaping the goons and they hide on a boat. Sejal asks Harry, all terrified and vulnerable, what she should do if they force upon her because she does not know the right reaction. You then understand why she is looking for her lost ring. It is herself probably, she is in search of. There is another scene where Harry says, ‘I think You can save me.’ It is beautiful. One doesn’t need to say more.

At a runtime of 2hrs and 30 minutes, this film could have been shorter, especially in the second half. Where the film plods, no it shatters, is its inability to utilize the enormous fertility of the plot. But, there are moments where more is said and less is spoken, where you feel Imtiaz Ali at work, behind the scenes. 

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