Coz They`re Bad: Love The Bad Boys of Bollywood? Find Out More About Their Epic Roles

They are bad, mendacious, evil and what not!! Yet, they catch our fancy. Read on to find out more about the bad boys of Bollywood

By Neha Jha

Jul 14, 2017  Updated On : Jun 21, 2018

They give us the creeps!!! We love to hate them….or…..hate to love them!!!! Bollywood villains or “bad guys” as we like to call them have always been something of an enigma, or a mystery or, at times, irresistible too. And we have had some iconic actors who have played such amazing roles in films that the role has become synonymous with them. While we have lost many such actors over the years, their performances and the characters they played have remained in our hearts.

Here is a look at some of the best bad guys of Bollywood and the iconic characters they played on screen. Some of it is so exemplary that we can’t help but say, “Its good to be bad.”

Gabbar Singh (Sholay)

The Late Amjad Khan immortalized this name like no other. Though Sholay was a commercial film and a masala entertainer, Amjad Khan breathed life into the fearsome character of Gabbar. It is hard to believe that Amitabh Bachchan who played Jai in the film wanted to play the role of Gabbar Singh. The lord of the land would go on to say, “Kitne Aadmi The?” “So Ja Beta, Nahi to Gabbar aa jayega!” and of course, “Jo Dar Gaya samjho Mar Gaya”. Without a doubt, he was the pivotal figure in the film and made it popular. Sholay wouldn’t have been what it is without Gabbar Singh.

Mogambo (Mr. India)

Amrish Puri can never be forgotten for all those myriad characters he played on screen over the years. The role was highly exaggerated. He’d sit in a throne and wear heavy, ornamental costumes and also had a stick to brandish his followers whenever they made a mistake. Such an over-the-top character yet played so on-point by Amrish Puri. oh, how our childhood was shaped by this dialogue - “Mogambo Khush Hua!!” Only Amrish Puri could do that!!

Lion (Kalicharan)

Ajit played this role to perfection in the 1976 action drama film where he plays a criminal Din Dayal who maintains a facade of an honest, clean man. He is a scary, terror-inducing man known as Lion who handles black marketing, robberies and other evils in the city. Ajit, whose real name is Hamid Ali Khan, struggled he lot before he attained fame with his iconic dialogues and the characters he played. We still remember how he’d say in his Anglo-Indian accent - “Sara sheher Mujhe LION ke Naam se Janta Hai”. He made the film Kalicharan so popular, maybe more than the hero Shatrughan Sinha ever did.

Prem (Bobby)

Also known as the Baap of all Bollywood villains, Prem Chopra made himself famous with this iconic dialogue from the film Bobby - “Prem Naam Hai Mera, Prem Chopra!” He was ruthless, sadistic and a womanizer. And every time we saw him on screen, we’d get disgusted. Suh a sweet name, yet such bad deeds. Prem Chopra glamorized villains on screen and the rest, as they say, is history. Let not Prem Chopra come anywhere near you!

Gokul Pandit (Dushman)

Oh, how we hated him!!! He was so so bad!!! We saw him as evil personified!! And yet, he was one of those realistic villains who played psychopathic and sociopathic characters. The devil that he was in the film Dushman that we were scared to watch that film!! That role won him many awards including the Filmfare award for Best Villain. He won it again for playing another religious fanatic Lajja Shankar who kidnaps children and sacrifices them to attain immortality in Tanuja Chandra directorial Sangharsh. Still gives us the creeps!!!

Langda Tyagi (Omkara)

For Shakespeare lovers, he is Iago, the devil who poisons a loving husband towards his own wife accusing her of infidelity. Saif Ali Khan was in his element when he played this role in Vishal Bhardwaj’s Omkara. We had never seen Saif play such a rugged character after the kind of urban, suave roles he played. And the swear words!!! Well, well, that’s how real people behave, don’t they?

Ramadhir Singh (Gangs of Wasseypur 2)

This scheming character played to perfection by Tigmanshu Dhulia was so nuanced yet so powerful that we were left wondering how close to reality the situation depicted in the film is. He plots mendaciously, making sure nobody comes between him and his business. Many believe that the character was loosely based on the real life of Suraj Deo Singh, a coal mafia in Dhanbad, who was also one of the most feared persons in the land. If that is indeed true, well, we have a personification of a real villain on screen.

Bob Biswas (Kahani)

The list cannot be complete without this really suave, unassuming yet extremely dangerous character from Kahani. Saswata Chatterjee gave us such chills with his humble portrayal of a common man-cum-contract killer. Or should we say “Silent Killer” since he used a silencer to kill his victims? What a cold-blooded killer who’d smile before he killed!! No cuss words, no rustic dialogue, just plain and simple, “Ek Minute” and bam!!! He is, without doubt, an amazing actor that way. And unlike other people in the list, he didn’t let himself get typecast in such roles. We again saw him as a loving father-cum-fighter in Anurag Basu’s Jagga Jasoos.

There you have Bollywood’s worst villains!! Whose movies would you dare to watch?? Make your pick!!

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