Irrfan Khan Starrer crosses 150 cr mark in China

Looks like China is getting addicted to #HindiMedium. No… Not that Indian educational system, here we are talking about the Irrfan Khan-Saba Qamar starrer. To know the details read the article here...

By Soumyaranjan Sahoo

Apr 12, 2018  Updated On : Apr 25, 2018

After the enormous success of Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Dangal, Hindi Medium has taken the Chinese box office by storm. Directed by Saket Chaudhary, the movie is a commentary on the commercialization of Indian educational system. Before the release of Hindi Medium in China, the Salman Khan Starrer Bajrangi Bhaijaan has able to cross a double century at the Chinese box office whereas the Aamir Khan starrer has crossed 1000 cr club.

Talking about Hindi Medium`s release, the movie was released on 4th April in the Chinese theatres and was titled as 起跑线 or Qi Pao Xian. “Qi Pao Xian” means “The Starting Line” in English. The largest movie ticketing site of China, Maoyan has given 9 stars out of 10 to the movie. Divided by borders, these movies have able to bring the different cultured people together morally. One of the queries on the online ticketing site of China has already raised a question on the making of Indian movies having a base of Chinese problems. To be specific, the Chinese cultural chord has been stricken by Hindi Medium.

Reasons For China To Fall in Love with Hindi Medium:

  • Having a common educational value, both of the countries have accepted education as the way for rising in the hierarchy. There is a Chinese saying “Wang Zi Cheng Long” which means expecting someone’s son/daughter to be a dragon (to have a bright future). Even in the backward areas, parents are trying to send their children to good schools for their bright future.

  • Another reason is the inequality in the distribution of quality educations. Both of the countries are suffering from the concentration of quality education only in big cities and urban areas, which affects the intense competitions to achieve success largely.

  • Except for the evaluation problems, there are other factors that affect the admission rates. Such as Money, Social engagement, parent’s popularity etc. Besides the children, parents should be involved the process of learning.

  • The Chinese policies of enrolling students into the good educational environment have a lot of similarities with Indian educational system. As per some Chinese news the old Chinese saying “孟母三迁 ( Meng Mu San Qian)” have also been satisfied by the theme of this movie. What is “Meng Mu San Qian”...??? It refers to the story of famous Chinese philosopher Mencius’s mother, who moved to various places to find the perfect place for the upbringing of her child. One can say that “Hindi Medium” can be described as the Indian Version of “Mencius’s mother, three moves”.

As the closing statement, it can be said that the responsibility for the society and the humanity of the director can be seen through the movie which has a large impact on the Chinese audience.

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