Irrfan Khan opens up about his disease: Diagnosed with Neuroendocrine Tumor

By Sayak Karmakar

Mar 17, 2018

The heart of Bollywood and the heartthrob of Hollywood, Irrfan Khan made the entire Bollywood fraternity along with his millions of fans shocked when he first revealed that he has been diagnosed with a rare disease and need plenty of wishes and prayers to overcome it. Several rumors hen floated along, while news also came in the Hindi Medium Star has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Millions of fans and every Bollywood celebrity wished Irrfan Khan for a speedy recovery. And finally, by thanking all of them, Irrfan Khan revealed the disease he has been diagnosed with. In a post, he said that he has been diagnosed with a rare disease called Neuroendocrine Tumour. Irrfan Khan will currently go out of India for his treatment.

Here’s the picture of his post

Neuroendocrine Tumour is a disease which is not frequently heard of.  While many people have already googled and have known the tits and bits of this disease, for those who don`t know, Neuroendocrine Tumour is basically a condition which results in abnormal tissue growth in the neuroendocrine cells of a body. Such type of tumor can develop in many parts of the body including lungs, pancreas, liver, and intestines. However, it mostly occurs in the intestine region of the body.

Survival from Neuroendocrine Tumour solely depends upon the region it has been affected. Also, the stage of the tumor is also important. One can survive in the beginning state. However, gradually as the tumor develops and enters into the malignant stage the survival rate decreases. This disease is indeed rare as less than 1 million cases have so far been registered in India suffering from Neuroendocrine Tumour.

With the stage of the disease as well as the affected part of the body is still unknown in the case of Irrfan Khan, Team Fresh Box Office along with every fan of his wishes a quick and a speedy recovery of the ever talented Irrfan Khan.

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