Era Of Silence: Top 7 Indian Movies With No Sound

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By Soumyaranjan Sahoo

Apr 25, 2018  Updated On : Apr 26, 2018

A Century beholds a lot of changes happening around the world. And talking of Indian Cinema, it`s totally visible. The advancement and proficiency in the field of entertainment, as well as technology, can be seen from movies like Balika Badhu to Baahubali, thoroughly. Reviewing the cinematic culture, the moment of silent movies is one of the toughest eras in Indian Cinema. Here, we present you a compilation of 7 silence movies of Indian cinema.


1.Raja Harishchandra (1913):


This movie is directed by India’s 1st ever producer Shri Dadasaheb Phalke in the year 1913. Before to this movie, there was another movie released in 1912 under the direction of Dadasaheb Torne titled as “Shree Pundalik”. As it was produced under British Production, the credit of 1st Indian film ultimately went to Raja Harishchandra. The movie was based on Hindu mythological story of Raja Harishchandra and was able to draw a lot of admiration. The movie starred mostly Marathi people and was shot at the time of pre-independence when women found acting were looked down upon. This led the director to make men play the roles of heroines. After a lot convincing, some of the men agreed to play the female characters.


2.Lanka Dahan (1917):


After the success of Raja Harishchandra, Dadasaheb did some other movies which were based on Hindu mythology like Satyavan Savitri, Mohini Bhasmasur, and Lanka Dahan. One among them, Lanka Dahan became the first movie to be a Box-office hit. The movie was released in 1917 and was played all on the day of its release starting from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. The movie starred Annasaheb Salunke as the lead. He played the role of both male and female lead. With this act, the movie got the title of 1st ever film to have a double role with the same actor. Anna Salunke was also the 1st person to be the female lead.


3.Keechaka Vadham (1918):


Looking at the success rate of Lanka Dahan, a lot of enthusiasts were attracted to build a career in filmmaking. Which led to the 1st ever silent Tamil film named as Keechaka Vadham. The movie was produced, filmed, directed, and edited by R. Nataraja Mudaliar as the 1st south Indian movie. The movie was also based on the Hindu mythological story of Mahabharata. Raju Mudaliar played the role of Keechaka whereas Jeevarathnam played the role of Draupadi.


4.Shakuntala (1920):


The story was penned by one of the best ancient poets of India, Kalidasa. The movie was directed by Suchet Singh and his creative autonomy changed the main character’s role slightly. But that was not accepted by the audience for the mindset they had. Later in the century, when the movie was re-reviewed, it was labeled as a masterpiece of art.

5.Bhakta Vidur (1921):


With the passage of time, official production houses were made for movies by 1920s. Named as Bhakta Vidur, Kohinoor Studios released another silent movie in the year 1921. However, the movie faced ban which is considered as the 1st ban ever in the history of Indian Cinema. The cause was the use of Gandhi cap which ultimately directed to political conflicts. The movie was also based on one of the stories from the Mahabharata. In this movie, Dwarkadas Sampat played the role of Vidura, whereas, Maneklal Patel played Krishna.

6.Bilat Ferat (1921):


In an attempt to create the movie with a more modern approach, Bilat Ferat was released in the year of 1921. Directed by NC Lahiri, the movie was a Bengali language movie. The movie was based on the story on how Indians returning from foreign countries changed their mindset to a pro-western style. Inspired by western movies, the movie had romantic scenes which were not accepted by the audience. However, the movie was the 1st romantic movie of Indian Cinema.

7.Pati Bhakti (1922):


Starring Patience Cooper, the movie Pati Bhakti was released in 1922. The movie was directed by JJ Madan. It showed the outlook of a wife who should be completely devoted to her husband in every possible way. One of the songs from the movie had attracted the attention of censor board which was removed after their interference. However, Patience Cooper was praised for her amazing performance in the movie.

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