Nepotism at IIFA in Kangana’s Absence

Nepotism at IIFA in Kangana’s Absence

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Jul 19, 2017  Updated On : Apr 23, 2018

The IIFA Awards this year saw a lot of things, prominent among those were this whole nepotism angle which took a weird turn. While Saif Ali Khan and Karan Johar were hosting the awards, Varun Dhawan went in on to the stage and during one of those acts, brought forth the whole nepotism debate once again to the fore.

Varun Dhawan won the award for best comic performance in Dishoom. When he came to receive the award, the whole nepotism debate was brought fore where all three actors engaged in roasting Kangana Ranaut in her absence. The three told each other how they were in the industry because of their respective fathers or, as in Saif’s case, because of his “mummy”. The trio declared in unison, “Nepotism Rocks!

They even went to the extent of naming and shaming Kangana. Varun said, “You had a song in your film, Bole Chudiyan Bole Kangana.” To which Karan Johar replied, “Kangana nahi bole toh acha hai!

While Varun Dhawan later apologized for stirring up the debate on Twitter after fans were up in arms. Kangana, meanwhile, considers the whole nepotism debate as nothing more than her viewpoint while Karan Johar keeps on making snide remarks from time to time. 

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