Gurgaon is the dark, urban underbelly of Haryana

Gurgaon is the dark, urban underbelly of Haryana

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Aug 2, 2017  Updated On : Apr 24, 2018

Off late, a lot of Bollywood films have been choosing Haryana as their backdrop. Be it Dangal or NH10, the caste prejudices and the sexism latent in North India finds a mention in these films. Shanker Raman has brought forth an urban angle to the state with his Indie film Gurgaon. An up and coming down on the outside but with the same patriarchal beliefs entrenched in them.

The cut-throat competition between builders which leads to violence and crime in order to extract place and money by land grabbing is depicted in the film where the characters from a family have their own complexities and dark side as well. The patriarch is biased towards his daughter and hence, inadvertently creates sibling rivalry between her and her brother. The concept of masochism do deep root in Haryana raises its ugly head in the capital region as well.

Raman who hails from the Delhi-NCR region has made use of his experiences and put the city of Gurgaon in that context where it is almost like a character in the film. Women have it the hardest. However, what breaks your heart is seeing them participating in their own oppression. The Gurgaon in the film is different from what movies like NH 10 or Sultan showed us. They were rural areas but Gurgaon and its underbelly is our own urban, modernized area still grappling with age-old social norms. 

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