Homage To The Ghazal Queen Padma Shri Begum Akhtar

By Admin

Oct 7, 2017

 Akhtari Bai Faizabadi also known by the name Begum Akhtar was well known Ghazal and Thumri singer of Hindustani Classical Music. 

On her 103rd birth anniversary, we at Fresh Box Office, pay our undying respect to her.  

She was a force to reckon with, at an early age of 7, she was captivated by the world of music. She had given a new face to the entire community of ghazal and thumri. Her good looks and silky voice made her an ideal candidate for a film career in her early years. She did act in a few films in 1930s. 

She learnt from the best, Ustad Imdad Khan, Ata Mohammed Khan, Abdul Waheed Khan and finally became a disciple of Ustad Jhande Khan. 

In in 1945, Akhtabari married a Lucknow based lawyer, Ishtiaq Ahmed Abbasi, and became known as Begum Akhtar. Her legacy in the field of music is unimaginable. 

Even when she left the world, she was present for her concert. The concert could not take place and she left her heavenly abode.Today, on her birth anniversary, we take a minute and reflect back and understand and appreciate everything that she has done!


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