Bollywood movies which did wonders at World-wide Box Office

Do you know, Kismet (1943) was the first Bollywood movie to enter 1 Crore club Worldwide? To know more about Bollywood`s worldwide journey read the article below.

By Sayak Karmakar

Mar 26, 2018  Updated On : May 21, 2018

This craziness and loyalty for Bollywood are not only restricted to India. Although it is the Khans (Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan) who have literally spread Bollywood love worldwide but long before their existence, Bollywood still had its loyal followers in some parts of the world. For example, Raj Kapoor was a known face in Russia. His movies inevitably were blockbusters in Russia, even though they sometimes failed in India.

Bollywood may be only one of the cinema industries in India but its fan-following in our country is overwhelming. Bollywood, since its inception, has always been praised and worshipped in India. It is not only a cinema industry but a religion which has billions of loyal devotees. Bollywood stars are idolized and they way they walk, talk and behave are emulated by millions of their loyal fans. Not only that, several loyal fans come thousands of kilometers and wait for several hours to days just to have a glimpse of their favorite superstars. The posters of stars are worshipped with garlands of flowers and tons of milk before the release of their movies. Such is the Bolly-fever! With more resources, money, growth of VFX and other technological aspects, Bollywood over the last one and half decades has really seen a tremendous growth in terms of revenues and collections. With big budget movies, strong star cast and exceptional promotional strategies, movies in Bollywood are now earning nearly 10 times more than what they did 20 years ago. Even though the increase of movies has resulted in the drastic drop of the hit ratio because of the limited number of screens in India, every year we see some movies doing wonders at the box office, not only in India but also Worldwide. Moreover, if the movies are bolstered by the star power of the Khans or Kumars or Roshans or Devgns or Kapoors, mostly big Box Office numbers are expected. The 100 Crores concept made its debut in Bollywood in 2008 with the movie Ghajini. Now we see that majority of the movies are with a budget of more than 100 Crores, sometimes 200 or even 300 Crores, so grossing 100 Crores is actually not enough. (Ra.One, Tubelight, Jai Ho, Shivaay). Also with the evolution and growth of Bollywood overseas, we are now seeing the birth of 1000 and 2000 Crore movies in Bollywood (Bahubali 2, The Conclusion - all versions, Dangal). And sometimes an average grossing movie of Bollywood does wonders worldwide (Secret Superstar - 65 Crores in India, 900 Crores Worldwide). Thus, we even though Bollywood produces less number of hits than flops at Box Office, we are actually seeing its growth worldwide. Let us have a look at the current top 5 highest grossing movies of Bollywood worldwide. Dangal (2122 Crores- 387 Crores in India, 1735 Crores Worldwide)

As I said earlier, it has been the Khan’s who have revolutionized and popularized Bollywood in worldwide. And Aamir Khan ranks at the top of the list among the Khans. Especially he is unstoppable in China’s market. Aamir is a guy who is literally worshipped in China. Even, in India Aamir just competes with himself at the Box Office to be at the top of the highest grossing movies. This became evitable with the Nitesh Tiwari directed Dangal which became the highest grossing Bollywood movie (Later broken by Bahubali 2- The Conclusion) by collecting 387 Crores and it just wiped out the China market collecting over 1500 Crores. At the end of its Box Office run, Dangal collected a total of 2122 Crores, thereby topping the list. Bahubali 2, The Conclusion (1713 Crores- 1000 Crores in India, 713 Crores Worldwide)

After the first part of Bahubali, there was a great hype about the second installment and the whole India wanted to Know the question, Why did Kattappa kill Bahubali?? Also with brilliant visionary, use of VFX and great direction of the first installment of Bahubali, the second installment was probably the most anticipated movie of the decade. And its release really showed its craze. Being a Tamil dubbed movie, it grossed over 500 Crores in Bollywood and it is still the highest grossing Bollywood movie ever. Adding all the other versions (English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada), it grossed over 1000 Crores in India. Also, it showed its power in the worldwide collection by collecting over 700 Crores. (It has still not been released in China). With this, it ranks on the second list with the collection of 1713 Crores. Secret Superstar (965* Crores- 65 Crores in India, 900* Crores Worldwide) -

The love affair of Aamir Khan and China continued with Secret Superstar. The movie which merely was an average grossing, collecting 65 Crores at Indian Box Office, did wonders (as expected) when released in China. Even though Aamir Khan had a role of an extended Cameo in the movie, Secret Superstar collected over 850 Crores in China is still going strong to touch the 900 Crores mark. With this, the Secret Superstar is in a third of the list with the total collection of 965 Crores so far. Bajrangi Bhaijaan (905* Crores – 325 Crores in India, 580* Crores Worldwide)

And here comes the second Khan. Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan released in the year 2015 and with good critics and excellent audience reviews the movie was a blockbuster in Indian Box Office, collecting 325 Crores. It also did well in its overseas collection and all total the movie collected over 650 Crores worldwide. And then came the permission to release it in the China theatres. Though, not being as successful as the Aamir Khan’s movies, Bajrangi Bhaijaan is actually roaring the China theatres and has so far collected over 250 Crores in China, thereby increasing its total collection to 905 Crores. With its hold being still good in China, Bajrangi Bhaijaan is expected to cross the 950 Crores mark. PK (854 Crores, 340 Crores in India, 514 Crores Worldwide)

It is pretty obvious that Aamir Khan Movies, especially the ones in which he is in lead roles are expected to do well in Box Office. This is what happened with PK, a Rajkumar Hirani directed movie which became the first movie to gross more than 300 Crores in India. It also did outstandingly well worldwide collecting over 500 Crores. In total it has collected 854 Crores at Worldwide Collection. Remember, PK has still not been released in China Theatres. Releasing in China will surely make PK at the first or at the second position in the highest grossing movie list.

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