Happy birthday Siddharth Malhotra: 5 times he made us drool over him!

By Madhusmita Lenka

Jan 16, 2018

Perfection! Thy name is Siddharth MalhotraA single mention of this hottie simply can`t describe his sheer charm. It`s been a while that this man has taken our crush list and Bollywood, by storm! This handsome hunk makes us go weak on knees with his cute smile every time he shows up on screen! In Ek Villain, he impressed us with his bad boy look and proved that he`s not just an eye candy. If This “Vella” boy`s absolute toe-curling sexiness isn’t reason enough, then here’s a list telling you why you fell in love with him!

Student of the year

Do you remember the lavish entrance of Mr. Knows-it-all Abhimanyu (Sidharth)? Oh that middle-class chalta-phirta KBC with big dreams? Obviously! you do because that`s when you started crushing on him. Student of the year marks Siddharth Malhotra’s debut in Bollywood. That was ishq wala love, KJO wala love! What`s at stake you wonder? Love and friendship and too for a mere "Student of the year trophy. Sid`s dancing skills and suave personality garnered much attention in this film.

Hasee toh phasee

Siddharth, whose looks almost killed you, shows remarkable growth in his second outing as a lead! We definitely couldn`t take our eyes off of him throughout the movie.  A Straight-forward boy and an eccentric girl are head over heels in love with each other. Wait! There`s a twist! They`re not the ones in a relationship. Will this love fructify? In the movie, Siddharth will take you on an adventurous ride of rediscovering the magic of goofy love.

Ek Villain

Siddharth delivered an angry man performance at ease! Strangely, he blended in the character so well that he didn`t flinch! Oh! That uninterrupted gorgeousness! Guru (Siddharth) is a gangster is mostly silent and let his gun do all the talking. Till a Good Samaritan and effervescent Aisha (Shraddha), shows up asking for his help.When his lady love Aisha is threatened by the villain, the evil within him resurfaces. Well! we kinda loved watching Siddharth playing a baddie!

Baar Baar Dekho

 That spark was visible in Sid’s eyes as he mouthed the dialogues throughout the movie. Siddharth was easy on eyes and pulled off his complex role with so much ease!

A gentleman

Siddharth puts his charm to good use and plays the double roles with distinctive skills. Rishi is a gangster and kills for a living in the seedy lanes of south-east Asian cities where as Gaurav is a strait-laced techie has picket-fence dreams of leading a simple life with his wife, two kids, and a dog.Well! Siddharth was seen playing both the roles and he nailed both the character!

And now we are eagerly waiting for his next venture Aiyaary to go on floors!

Kudos Mr. Malhotra! All of us want Siddharth Malhotra as our arm candy! Isn`t it?

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