Gabbar is Back is the Clichéd Robinhood

Gabbar is Back is the Clichéd Robinhood

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Jun 29, 2017  Updated On : Apr 23, 2018

"Gabbar is Back" is not what most Akshay Kumar films like. You can club it as a film which is a lot of action, more comedy and some social message thrown in between. It is a masala entertainer to its core and that’s what makes it more palpable to a large section of the audiences.

A lot of the scenes appear so clichéd yet are so typically woven into modern-day comedy that people end up laughing out loud. Although Gabbar is more of a Robin Hood for people, he teams up with anti-corruption crusaders to get back at corrupt politicians. But, he is also heavily bothered with how he is perceived by the people, especially on social media. Now, that’s a twist that was given to the Hindi remake of a film which has already been remade in several languages over and over again.

Akshay Kumar plays Aditya, a Physics professor, who is thrown out of the college on account of violence in the campus when goons come in. He beats them up and that becomes a demonstration of Physics to his students who are extremely flattered by him. However, his several acts of social vigilantism get him in trouble with several high and mighty quarters. Ultimately, when he is given the death penalty, his students block the jail van he was being carried in.

The strategy to evoke mass vigilantism and give an adieu before being hanged is a sure shot attempt by the audience to rake in more money at the BO. The film ends with him asking the hangman, “Tera Kya Hoga Kaliya?” recalls the famous Amjad Khan character in Sholay. It is these eccentricities which work in spite of the weak script.

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