High voltage action and Drama Evident in Gabbar is Back

High voltage action and Drama Evident in Gabbar is Back

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Jun 29, 2017  Updated On : Apr 23, 2018

It is high voltage action and loads of drama which makes Gabbar is Back stand out rock solid. The film is not different from other Akshay Kumar films or even other remakes. Professor Aditya teaches Physics and is going to be a father soon. His happiness is cut short when during Holi, the building he lived in with his wife, crumbles and both his wife and the unborn child is killed.

The revenge drama sees him beating goons, forming a team which executes corrupt politicians, tehsildars, zamindars and more who turn out to be most corrupt out of all. The film puts together Akshay’s stuntman skills, comedic skills, and vulnerability together to produce a commercial entertainer which works at the box office. Borrowed heavily from Amjad Khan’s character Gabbar in Sholay, the film hangs on in spite of the loose script and haphazard direction.

Shruti Hassan, in spite of the weak role, shines on while Kareena Kapoor adds the necessary delight. The Robin Hood type story makes for a good watch and everything becomes palpable all of a sudden. The angle of corruption is extremely visible and works at a time when the after-effects of corruption are way too on-our-face.

Akshay Kumar hasn’t been seen in action for a long time now. And this film brings him back in all of the forms we have been seeing him for long. The romance might fall short considering the small screen time given to the leading lady. And, of course, Akshay is romancing, even if for a bit, an actress way younger than him.

Watch it for the thrill that Khiladi Kumar provides. 

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