Films That Never Saw The Light Of The Day

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Nov 24, 2017

About 1000 films release every year in Bollywood. It’s the biggest film industry in the world. With our kind of audience, 1000 films are just about enough to cater to our filmy needs. But, sometimes a kind of film is made which do not get released for various reasons. We bring to you 7 films which did not get a proper release even with such a realistic and on the face story line!


Final Solution

It was a documentary shot in view of 2002 Gujrat shared uproars or communal riots. Religion being the most touchy issue, didn`t enable censors to give an endorsement for this motion picture as it could incite riots among the general public.


This motion picture in light of severe butcher of Sikhs amid the death of Indira Gandhi, was viewed as an awesome risk to the congruity of country. Indeed, even in the wake of consenting to the cuts proposed by the edit board, the film was not released by any means.





Movie spun around five individuals who continue slaughtering in arrangement to profit. The film got dismissed twice to glorify brutality, intemperate utilization of medications, multifaceted nuance exchanges and had no message to be passed on through its story.


Featuring Rahul Bose, a mental blood and gore flick which mirrored the tale of a presumptuous and insane person CEO, who pays a major cost by terminating 121 workers because of financial, close down. The film was racked by edit sheets in view of scenes with nudity.

Gulabi Aaina/ Pink Mirror

India`s first film which thoroughly centered around Indian transexuals, which is as yet a much misconstrued and frowned upon idea. In spite of a few interests, the motion picture was announced indecent and stayed restricted.

Hava Aaney Dey

The motion picture spun around an understudy Arjun, who was impartial and belonged middle class household. He stalls out in filth, where he doesn`t have a place.

The edits declined to give the release testament without diminishing around 20 minutes of film, which included sounds and picture cuts. The director declined to acknowledge the choice, which is the reason it never came to silver screens.

Dazed in Doon

It was screened for predetermined number of watchers, around 4000. The vast majority of the general population valued the motion picture however few stated by saying that, the film was offensive as a result of the harassing, ragging and smoking. In one scene students were harassed in front of their teachers.


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