Fawad Khan steals the show in this reverse gender chick flick

By Admin

Sep 20, 2014

Ladies, say a thanks to whatever number wave of feminism that we`re currently riding because our time may well be here.

After Bobby Jasoos, in which Ali Fazal showed up almost exclusively to walk in slow-mo and make the romantic side plot with the film`s lead Vidya Balan crackle, we`ve got another film that`s directed largely at making estrogen levels surge.

Shashank Ghosh`s Khoobsurat presents us with Fawad Afzal Khan, who plays a character that exists only for the purpose of being eye candy. In fact, Ghosh`s decision to effectively make Khan`s Vikram Singh Rathore a sex object is a masterstroke that makes Khoobsurat one of the more enjoyable chick flicks that Bollywood has produced in a while.

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