A movie about Pokhran’s Parmanu Test-Everything You Need To Know About John Abraham Starrer

If you think John Abraham was great in Madras Cafe, you’d be surprised to see him in a new and evolved avatar !

By Samar Pratap Nayak

May 23, 2018  Updated On : Aug 9, 2018

Parmanu is a movie based on the Pokhran tests conducted by the Indian military in 1998 on nuclear bombs and the challenges the team had faced during their attempt to carry out the tests. The man leading this was the nuclear man of India himself, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. The drama unfolds during the tenure of PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

John Abraham plays the role of the officer responsible for leading the team and carrying out the covert mission. The look of the film suggests a research-backed story. Helmed by Abhishek Sharma, the film is an in-depth analysis on the subject and dips into all the nitty-gritty details and the failures and brings into light all the unnoticed facts that not many people paid any attention to. It tries to honor the names of those unsung heroes of an experiment that would one day put India on the map as a global nuclear superpower.

Cast & Crew:

The cast of Parmanu includes–

John Abraham plays the role of Capt. Ashwat Rana who is leading the team which is responsible for carrying out the nuclear tests.

Diana Penty will be seen essaying the role of Capt. Ambalika.


The casts also include other illustrious artists like -


  • Boman Irani

  • Vikas Kumar

  • Yogendra Tiku

  • Darshan Pandya

  • Zachary Coffin as Stephen

  • Mark Bennington 1

  • Abhiroy Singh

  • Ajay Shanker

  • Anuja Sathe


The Real Story


The main reason for nuclear test (Pokhran I) in 1974 was the growing tension with China. After the 1962 war with India, China was able to carry out its nuclear tests in 1964. And, in order to create an equally powerful deterrent to China, we had to conduct the nuclear tests in 1974 which was codenamed “Smiling Buddha”.  


What’s interesting is Pokhran I was just a basic test. Subsequently, we conducted Pokhran II test in the year 1998 which was codenamed “Shakti”. The idea was that we should be in a position to counter enemies with nuclear missiles and bombs.


India, however, was always strict about “No first use policy” which justified to the whole world that India was indeed a responsible country.


About ISRO


There is some fun trivia we found out about ISRO which has been also depicted in the movie. Countries such as the USA had imposed economic sanctions and restriction on export of Sensitive technology and material to India right after the Pokhran II nuclear tests which were conducted in 1998. ISRO and DRDO were one of the many organizations to which export of sensitive technology and components were banned. The other option was to seek prior government permission. This ban was recently lifted in 2011 when President Obama happened to visit India.


Movie Expectations


The film has a different story and the audience expectations from the film are only increasing with every passing day. The audience is curious to know how John Abraham is going to essay the role of Capt. Ashwat Rana as the handsome hunk has a huge fan following in India. John Abraham had a very similar role in Madras Cafe.


The film has already run into many legal troubles as the creators of the film KriARj Entertainment have locked horns over the ownership and finances of the movie.


Being the first movie ever on this subject, this has certainly intrigued us.

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