Drishyam fails in Exuding Vulnerabilities by Lead Actors

Drishyam fails in Exuding Vulnerabilities by Lead Actors

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Jun 29, 2017  Updated On : Apr 23, 2018

Ever heard of the Japanese mystery thriller film The Devotion Of Suspect X? Drishyam is a rip-off of the film and makes a more or less futile attempt to recreate that suspense and thrilling aspect. Why? Because while the original Malayalam film starring Mohanlal was built largely on the vulnerabilities portrayed by the central character trying to save his family from an impending doom, Ajay Devgn’s character Vijay shows no such vulnerability. So, your heart won’t go out to him, at all.

This aspect is the main difference between the various types of thrillers we see. Kahaani, for example, has the same kind of edge-of-the-seat thrilling aspect. Yet, it is the sensitivity of each character that gives it the much-needed charm. The characters in Drishyam have none of that. While it is great to see Tabu back on screen, her role cannot be classified as that of a femme fatale. Ajay Devgn is more in his Singham avatar still and hence, forget seeing any of the desperation and vulnerability you saw in Mohanlal in the original Malayalam movie.

Yet, this is not what makes the film sordid. Bollywood has seen thrillers being made since the black and white era. Therefore, it is important that such thrillers have more in it than a blind cat and mouse chase game or “who killed whom” in the end. Despite being shocking and creating tension in many parts, Drishyam fails in this particular aspect. For people who have watched The Devotion Of Suspect X, there are far too many similarities in both the movies to avoid. Yet there is nothing of the depth in Vijay which one could see in either of the two movies. That, in itself, makes the film quite ordinary and depressing in many aspects. 

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