Devil in the detail

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Jun 10, 2011

Shaitan is one such movie which is way ahead of its time. A decade back Anurag Kashyap directed a film called Paanch which is till date unreleased but is one of the most popular pirated films of Bollywood. Shaitan kind of revisits the basic plotline of the film which is self-kidnapping.

Kalki Koechlin’s Shaitan revolves around a group of urban brats who believe in living life on the edge. The tone of the film keeps changing wit time to time from extreme tension to lighthearted moments but is never temperamental. Hindi cinema seldom makes film about such amoral characters. The director Bejoy Nambiar’s wayward youngsters, who snort cocaine, get drunk and drive around recklessly in short living life in the edge.

Rajeev Khandelwal plays a cop in the film, and the movie’s dimension changes when the director shifts his focus to him. There is some crazy intensity to the wordless scenes in which Khandelwal watches his wife leaving their home or the times when he loses patience.

The film’s another key weapon is its remarkable soundtrack which fits perfectly with the story telling. He uses music to maximize the drama. It also credits some of the most striking slow-motion shots. The film has rampant violence in the second half and the film goes out of control but the climax steals the shoe in the end.

A techno-version of the old song “Khoya khoya chand” plays in the backdrop of a shootout and a runaway sequence makes a perfect treat for cinema goers. It fits perfectly and shows us how great the director’s brain works. Kalki Koechelin’s Shaitan gives  a promising director to the industry who is a smart storyteller.


In total, the film is dark and there are moments where the scenes add depth and dimension to the character. The film is crisp and to the point with some meanderings in between which in a way takes you to a better place. Whatever is necessary is shown and there is no dragging of the story. Bollywood has very less of movies like this and thus Shaitan stands out of the lot. 

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