Neeraj Pandey’s Baby is Clichéd but Entertaining

Neeraj Pandey’s Baby is Clichéd but Entertaining

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Jun 29, 2017  Updated On : Apr 23, 2018

Despite the old-school formula that has been used to portray the life of an undercover agent, Neeraj Pandey’s Baby does not throw you off completely. It has its moments of entertaining masala thrown in between with action sequences which see both Akshay Kumar and Taapsee Pannu throwing in a few punches.

The film takes in more than a slice from real life in the form of the chase that takes Akshay Kumar to several countries. The mission in search of a wanted terrorist has been named Baby and apparently, people get to know from the beginning of the film that the mission in its previous installments has helped in sabotaging terrorism plots in India. Now, it’s upon the Khiladi Kumar to hunt down Kay Kay Menon’s character in the film and get going.

Providing entertainment seems to be Neeraj Pandey’s mission here in Baby. The plot and some of the sequences seem very stupid and baffling in many places. And that makes it hard for anyone who has seen Pandey’s earlier films based on national security and terrorism. However, the thrilling chases the tension and the urgency which the film depicts more than makes up for it that way. Unlike other films which have dealt with similar themes, we don’t see Akshay Kumar enjoying an item number somewhere in Saudi Arabia during his mission. And that adds the necessary touch of reality. The film isn’t nearly as bogus as Holiday though there is a romantic sequence which is short-lived.

Taapsee Pannu is not a mere sidekick in the film. She throws in a few punches and takes care of herself without needing a man to protect her whatsoever. Some parts of the film might make it too eerily similar to D Day and Madras Cafe though there is no such attention to detail. But it can make for a one-time watch.

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