ABCD 2 is solely Remo D’ Souza’s dance Treat

ABCD 2 is solely Remo D’ Souza’s dance Treat

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Jun 29, 2017  Updated On : Apr 23, 2018

Remo D’ Souza always talked about making a film on dance. And when he brings his best dance troupe, choreographers Ganesh Acharya and Prabhu Deva, there is no way audience won’t be treated to good dance sequences. However, as with most films based on music and dance, the script of ABCD 2 is poorly written and thinly executed.

There is a backdrop to every character, including supporting ones. But, all of it seems too forced. Varun Dhawan has tried to expand his genre as an actor and showcases how brilliant a dancer he is. The same goes for Shraddha Kapoor who probably had to work harder than her off-screen childhood friend to perfect her dance moves. Both the lead actors create a spark in the song “Sun Saathiya”. However, that is that! The movie becomes excruciating the moment these friends are turned into lovers.

The dance moves are brilliantly choreographed and Remo has given ample screen time to all his dancers who also, unexpectedly, act well on screen. It is only while showcasing emotions and taking the story forward that the entire cast fails miserably. The only solace comes in the form of Prabhu Deva who creates magic on screen with his dance moves and the acting experience he has had so far. In order to add some story to an already weak script, Prabhu Deva too has a sad past – an estranged wife who does not allow him to meet his child. And he wishes to participate in the dance competition solely to meet his son in LA. Too bad, none of that works well enough.

There is no doubt that Remo D’ Souza is a good choreographer. But direction and acting are entirely two different things to master. ABCD 2 is entirely for dance buffs and a good one at that. 

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