Celebrate the sheer magic of Sridevi without spilling any nonsense against her

By Madhusmita Lenka

Feb 27, 2018

"Every time I get my heart broken, the newspapers splash it about as though it’s entertainment. "

                                                                          -Anna Scott in Notting Hill  

Sridevi became the victim of cruel mortality last Saturday night. We are celebrating her life by listening to her hits on the radio on the commute to work, rewinding her iconic songs like Hawa Hawai while in office; there are also some people that are going on with their nasty gossips about her.

What questions do you wonder? Whether she had plastic surgery to look young, according to one grapevine, there’s enough fodder for gossip. They also remind you of the days when Sridevi’s news of her pregnancy along with the affair with a much-married Boney Kapoor was discovered, then followed his then heartbroken wife Mona Kapoor’s venting out in film magazines. Unlike in contemporary times when exes turn BFFs, this was sheer melodrama on a different scale. However, all these unnecessary dramas show Sridevi’s larger than life persona even after death and mark the end of an era.

Let`s talk about us! We are announcing our crumbling marriages uploading selfies in social media and one’s marital status has almost ceased to exist. Boney Kapoor was obviously blamed (by people!) for the ending his first marriage for another woman, but Sridevi also took the offense for it. It was her “cardinal sin” that she destroyed another woman’s home.Who are you to judge them, you`re just an outsider? Morality was always a grey area, but even more so today.

Sridevi made a special place in lives of all the 90`s kids. The memories will always remain fresh as lilies in our mind. Once Karan Johar interestingly brought up Sridevi’s name and shared how we all love seeing her dancing. Do you know that she wasn’t trained and did not have a strong footwork expertise? It was she being herself, her expressions, joy, and fun while dancing that made her performances so lively. Or you can say she danced like there is no tomorrow.

And if you`re a hard-core romantic and believe in sweet romance than the sexy ones, then it`s the perfect time to accept that you have found yourself dreaming yourself with your crush on “Kabhi main kahoon”, “Tu Mujhe kabool”. And if you hadn’t fantasized your boyfriend to shower rose petals on you from a helicopter singing “Rang bhare Badal se, tere naino ke kajal se”, then it`s high time that you shouldn’t call him “Mere shona” ever again!

In the end, it’s up to us to celebrate the legacy a star left behind and keeping apart her personal life.  We want to thank Sridevi for giving us some of our best childhood memories. Thank you for the movies, your charm, and the magic, Sridevi!

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