Cast of Sanju: What do We Expect from Such an Ensemble Cast?

Do you know Ranbir Kapoor and other actors went through several rounds of testing before giving us such an interesting trailer of Sanju?? We give you the highs and lows of actors who are playing real life characters in ‘Sanju’ and what we expect from them!!

By Neha Jha

Jun 26, 2018  Updated On : Aug 25, 2018

Sanju’ is only two weeks away. And fans can’t wait to see their “baba” onscreen. The glowing trailer seems to have catapulted everyone’s anticipation to another level altogether. Ranbir Kapoor shines through in the trailer and the two songs we have seen so far. But the major point of curiosity remains to see the entire cast. Tell us you aren’t excited to know who is playing whom!

Yes, we know Vicky Kaushal plays Sanjay Dutt’s brother-in-law and once-upon-a-time actor Kumar Gaurav. Or that Paresh Rawal plays his father, the legendary actor Sunil Dutt. But, with such an ensemble cast, people keep wondering whom are they gonna see next! And in what role? While some feel a particular actor is suitable for a particular real-life role in the film, others disagree. After all, Sanju is a biopic based on the life of a living actor. It is always a risk to make films on the life of someone who still exists!

We take a look at the cast of Sanju. Let us see which of these actors were in the mind of makers when they decided to make the film. And if, at all, they would suit the role. Sure, it is only conjecture, but it can be way more than that! June 29 is gonna show us what’s gonna happen. But, before that, we can make a guess and see if the actors are gonna be worth the money we will be putting in.

Ranbir Kapoor as Sanjay Dutt aka Sanju

Salman Khan, the close friend of Sanju, has already opened a can of worms with his statement saying Sanjay Dutt himself should have played his own self in the film. What’s the point of casting another actor (much younger) to play the role of a man who is very much alive? Though Salman’s suggestion was only for the last 8-10 years of Sanju’s life, it sure managed to create some stir. Let’s face it! Everyone remembers the whole Ranbir - Katrina - Salman triangle, or whatever it was!

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However, Ranbir Kapoor has given his reply and a dignified one at that. He says, “It has never happened that a person played himself in his own biopic. This destroys the effect of a character. I knew that I will be compared to Sanjay Dutt and that is why I have tried my best to do justice to his role. Whether people see me in 40-year old Sanjay Dutt’s avatar or 20-year old, they should feel that they are watching an artist who is playing Sanjay Dutt. It is correct that I cannot become a second Sanjay Dutt.” Well, the audience and the industry alike have no doubt on Ranbir’s acting capabilities. And we sure cannot wait to see him in the film! Plus, the film is also expected to reignite his slumping career after he did films with the same kind of stories.

Vicky Kaushal as Kumar Gaurav (or, as he says, an amalgamation of 3-4 friends)

Now, this one seems a lot of self-evident from the trailer. Everyone knows how Kumar Gaurav’s sultry charm and good looks made him popular among female fans post the release of Love Story. However, Vicky Kaushal says that his role as Sanju’s “friend” is not entirely based on Kumar Gaurav. It is, as he says, an amalgamation of 3-4 friends of Sanjay Dutt. Kumar Gaurav is also Sanjay Dutt’s brother-in-law. He is married to his sister Namrata Dutt.

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Whatever be the role, from the trailer we can see Vicky being the perfect friend - taking the screen Sanju to casinos, strip clubs and every other place in the world where they can get booze coupled with dirty entertainment. And he has already proved how versatile an actor he is! We have recently seen him in Raazi and continue to see him in web series like Lover per Square Feet and Lust Stories. Wonder how even though he is action director Shyam Kaushal’s son, there is no talk of nepotism surrounding him. Well, good performance, great acting cannot be categorized or replaced. High expectations there, Vicky!!!

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Sonam Kapoor as Tina Munim

Yes, Tina Munim and Sanjay Dutt had an affair back in the day. This was the time when Sanjay Dutt was heavily addicted to drugs. They had worked in a few films together as well. Rumour has it that Sanju Baba’s drug addiction and his temper became too much for her to handle, especially after he’d hear any birdie talking about her secret affair with other actors. Though none of it was found to be true, Rishi Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt did have a fall-out when speculations of Rishi’s affair with Tina Munim began doing the rounds after the mega success of their film “Karz”. In his autobiography Khullam Khulla: Rishi Kapoor Uncensored, there is a detailed account by Chintuji of what exactly happened. Tina had met Sanjay during the shoot of Rocky and both were going steady at that time. However, rumor mills got to him and, as per the autobiography, he came to Rishi’s house to pick a fight with him. Neetu Singh had to explain to him that those were plain rumors and that Rishi and Tina were just colleagues.

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In the film, we have Sonam Kapoor essaying the role of Tina Munim Ambani now. This will be the second time in ten years that these two actors would come together. Though they debuted together in 2007 with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Saawariya, Ranbir and Sonam had never worked together after that. This will be their second film together, but not as the lead couple anyway. Well. We know the career graph of both these actors. While Ranbir kept on pushing his boundaries with multifarious roles with every other film, Sonam’s career could take off only after Anand L Rai’s Raanjhnaa. Even after its success, she starred in several films which bombed at the box office, failing to establish her credibility as an actress. It was only with the biopic on Neerja Bhanot titled “Neerja” where she could show her acting chops and won a National Award. Looking at her performance in her home production “Veere Di Wedding”, well, we have to see what she does in the film. Her appearance in the teaser did encourage trolls to say she received toilet seat for her expressions in that particular scene! Nevertheless, she plays the enigmatic Tina Munim and it remains to be seen how far (or how much) her appearance does wonders for her film.

Paresh Rawal as Sunil Dutt

Rajkumar Hirani had initially approached Aamir Khan for the role. But, he declined saying he was already playing a dad to grown-up daughters in Dangal. On top of that, Aamir Khan wanted to play the role of Sanjay Dutt in the film. The role “won his heart” and he asked Raju Hirani to not offer him any other role as he won’t be able to do it.”

Imagine if he would have accepted the role of Sunil Dutt. It’d have been something absolutely enigmatic to witness on screen!!

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We have seen Paresh Rawal play the father, uncle, police inspector and more on screen many times. But, it will be interesting to see him play the role of a legendary actor and politician who tried through whatever ways he can to defend his son from allegations of terrorism. Paresh Rawal said that his character has no idiosyncrasies or a set of mannerisms. He is super excited to play a character which is human as hell!! Well, so are we!

Manisha Koirala as Nargis

Now, this is one role which everyone is extremely curious to see unfolding on screen. One of the most enchanting actresses of Hindi cinema, Nargis Dutt remains unparalleled. Her untimely death was what plunged Sanjay Dutt into the black hole of drug addiction. And we have Manisha Koirala playing the role of Nargis. We remember how successful she was in the 90s playing multitudes of roles in different films. Is it just mere coincidence that she, too, battled cancer, like Nargis??

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Well, Manisha Koirala worked really hard to get into the character. She literally had to transform herself, especially with the looks and the hair. A couple of tests for both the short and long hair were done and Manisha says she expects her to look in the film got somewhere close to how Nargis looked. That apart, Manisha Koirala did a lot of research on Nargis including photographs, books, and documentaries. Do we need to guess why she was such a successful actress? It’s all about prepping for the role. However, she had her own difficulties being a cancer survivor herself and reliving the trauma. Nevertheless, she feels it was all worth it considering her capturing of Nargis’s “core essence, her very being.” Oh! We can’t wait to see our lovely Manisha Koirala back on the silver screen.

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Jim Sarbh as Salman Khan

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Well, well, like Vicky Kaushal’s character, there is speculation if this one too is a mixture of several characters put together. However, for the most part, he seems to be essaying the role of the Bhai of Bollywood. He has played the role of the antagonist in several films, right from his debut film Neerja where he played a terrorist to Malik Kafur, Khilji’s personal aide (and lover) in Padmaavat. The trailer gave us a very little glimpse into the character he is playing. But, of course, it is going to be an extremely important character since Salman Khan has remained a close friend of Sanjay Dutt for ages and has seen all his highs and lows. That being said, depicting him on screen is gonna be the hardest job since any little offense to the Bhai and his army is gonna rise!

There we have it! We are super excited to see what the above actors are gonna give us in this remarkable film whose trailer is so great it should receive an award of its own!!

We also have Dia Mirza as Sanjay’s current wife Manyata Dutt and Anushka Sharma who plays a journalist and again, is a combination of different characters including Raju Hirani and Abhijat Joshi.

June 29 is only a few days away! Wait till our Sanju Baba is here with his ensemble. For more on Sanju, keep visiting Fresh Box Office.

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