Breathe: Why R Madhavan’s Web Series should be on your Watch List

By Neha Jha

Feb 25, 2018

R Madhavan’s web series “Breath” is the latest internet talk. Streaming on Amazon Prime, Breathe tells the story of a desperate father who is trying to find an organ donor for his 6-year-old child Josh, who is suffering from a terminal lung disease called cystic fibrosis. Madhavan plays the role of Danny Mascarenhas who is a football coach and is forced to resort to extreme ways to get a donor for his child. 

We give you 5 reasons to watch Breathe -

Thrilling from the word “Go” - 

From the trailer itself, it can be predicted what the plot will be about. Josh is number 4 on the list of patients who need donors. And he has been given just 6 more months to live. The twist in the story comes in the form of Kabir Sawant, a cop, who, lost his child too and is yet to come to terms with it, unlike his estranged wife. The thrilling series has made people sit up and take notice of it.

Episodic Format – 

Unlike most other web series which release all episodes together, Breathe leaves you on tenterhooks because you have to guess what’s gonna happen until the next episode comes out. That is what will make people binge watch it more now since the last episode comes out today.

Cliffhanger – 

The climax of every episode so far, or so we suppose, leaves people on a cliffhanger of sorts. Every episode comes with the same alacrity which will make people glued to it till the very last scene. Once the final episode is out today, there is no reason why one wouldn’t put Breathe in their “to watch” list.

R Madhavan – 

The man is reasoning enough for you to give this series a try. A psychological thriller, Maddy has showcased his brilliance and versatility as an actor playing a father going the extra mile, without bothering about right or wrong, to save his child. This series is Madhavan’s debut on the web after Richa Chadda and Vivek Oberoi.

Emotional Connect – 

All the characters in the series are grappling with deep-seated emotional issues stemming from things that happened to them. Apart from Danny, we have cop Kabir, played by Amit Sadh, who has added his brilliance as Danny’s opponent when he is assigned the investigation of the murders and, in the process, deals with his own emotional crisis on the loss of his child. While his wife has come to terms with the child’s death, he is yet to grapple with it. And that adds to the narrative.

We suggest you give this intriguing web series a try!

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