Box Office: Dangal grosses 716 crores, falls short of P.K. by 53 cr. at the worldwide box office

Box Office: Dangal grosses 716 crores, falls short of P.K. by 53 cr. at the worldwide box office

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Feb 9, 2017  Updated On : Apr 23, 2018

Seems the extensive promotions and nationwide publicity has worked in favor of Dangal. The film has hit the screens on 23rd December 2016 and is taken to be one of the biggest releases of the year. The film starring Aamir Khan in the lead along with debutants Sanya Malhotra and Fatima Sana Sheikh has opened to an extremely positive response not just in India but also overseas. With a release in more than 5000 screens globally including 4300 screens in India, Dangal has had a major opening. 

As per the latest reports, Dangal has grossed approx. 716.35 crores worldwide till date [5 February 2017]. This has made the film cross Bajrangi Bhaijaan’s collections which come to approx. 629 crores worldwide. But Dangal failed to surpass P.K which had grossed approx. 769 crores worldwide. Dangal is now the All Time Highest Opening Weekend Grosser. Not just that. The film is also the All Time Highest grosser at the Australian and North American box office. The film has already surpassed Bajrangi Bhaijaan’s collections of 29 million USD making it the 3rd highest All Time Overseas Grosser overseas.  

This comes as a string of win-wins for Aamir Khan. His releases over the last couple of years have broken many records, usually releasing towards the end of the year. Previously, his movies Ghajini, 3 Idiots, PK also opened to bumper responses in domestic as well as overseas markets. Dangal is based on the life of the famous wrestler Mahaveer Phogat and his daughters whom he trains to bring Gold at the Commonwealth Wrestling Championship. The 3 sisters – Gita, Babita, and Vinesh won gold in wrestling at the Championship. Aamir Khan had to undergo both weight gain and reduction to play the role of Mahavir as a wrestler in his younger days as well as of an older man who trains his daughters. 

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