Bollywood is in a great loss at Devdas actress Ava Mukherjee’s death!

By Madhusmita Lenka

Jan 18, 2018

It`s just the first month of 2008 and Bollywood is in a yet another loss. After Shrivallabh Vyas,  Ava Mukherjee who portrayed Shah Rukh Khan`s loving grandmother in the love saga Devdas has left the mortal world. The cause of death is unknown as of now, but the entertainment industry is in shock hearing this news. She was 88-years-old when she took her last breath in Mumbai on Jan. 15.

Ava Mukherjee was quite versatile in her craft, isn’t it? After her debut, the actress went off-screen for quite a while. Snip(2000) marked her comeback film after taking a long break. She blends in a grandmother character in many an occasion, because of her kind and gracious mannerisms. After Snip, Ava landed the role of Shah Rukh Khan’s grandmother in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s heartbreaking love saga, Devdas (2002). She is known best for this role, winning many hearts with her performance.

1966 Bengali film Ram Dhakka marks her debut into glitz and glamour world.  In her 70s, Mukherjee became a popular on-screen grandmother. when she worked in films like Devdas (2002), Darna Zaroori Hain (2006), Detective Naani (2009), and The Firm Land (2009). Ava got the opportunity of playing a lead role in her last venture, directed by her daughter Romilla Mukherjee. In Detective Naani (2009), Mukherjee played a Miss Marple-like character(an Agatha Christie creation) Usha Dutt,  and her amateur detective skills helped her in busting a trafficking ring.

Mukherjee is best-known for her television commercials, especially for the Himalaya Drug Company. “I am happy when children recognize me and call me`Dadima’,” she had told The Hindu in an interview in 2002.

We hope her soul rests in peace!

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