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By Sayak Karmakar

Apr 29, 2018

Bollywood celebrities in India are the most influential people in the lives of a common man. Their influences make people like us follow their way of speaking, their attitude, their lifestyle, their culture and everything. In other words, we love to imitate the personalities of these Bollywood celebrities. This is the sole reason why the B Town celebrities are always in limelight.  However, in recent times we have seen that along with the celebrities, their little adorable munchkins are also becoming quite famous and popular among us. The internet is full of news on the cuteness of these kids and their day to day activities (e.g. Taimur Ali joins the gym, Taimur Ali Khan cries in his mother’s lap, Taimur Ali Khan smiles, etc... etc...), thereby making them as famous as their parents.           

While some celebrities love to flaunt their little ones in public, there are some stars that are very protective of their babies. But whether being protective or a cool parent, their munchkins with their beautiful and creative names are always in the limelight of the media.

Celebrity Kids names have always been the center of attraction among the fans of Bollywood because of the uniqueness of the child’s name as well as the fame of the celebrity parent. There is no doubt that the kids of celebrities get the due attention because of the fan following of their parents. There is always been a touch of creativity when it comes to naming a celebrity child by his/her parent. This is usually been done to have a special name and fame for the munchkins of the celebrities in every stage of their growth from a small child to a fully grown individual. (Biggest example is of Aryan Khan and Suhana Khan, the kids of Srk who have always been in the limelight from their childhood till date...)

This trend of keeping unique and unusual baby names first started in the Hollywood culture and gradually gained its popularity in the culture of Bollywood. Our charismatic Bollywood celebs nowadays name theirs have quite unique yet creative and beautiful names for their kids.

Let have a look at some of the unique, creative and baby names of Bollywood celebrities

Taimur Ali Khan

The royal couple of Bollywood, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor, popularly known as “Saifeena” were blessed with a baby munchkin on December 20, 2016. They named baby boy, Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi. The word “Taimur” is an Arabic word meaning Iron. Also, Taimur was the name of the famous Mongolian emperor who was known for his clever mind to achieve supremacy over his kingdom.

AbRam Khan

The Baadshah of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan is not only famous for being the second richest actor in the world but also known for his secular thinking and rational attitude towards all religion. When SRK and his better half Gauri Khan decided to have a third baby, they named their cute baby boy as AbRam. He is currently ruling the social media world with his overdose of cuteness. AbRam name is based on a variation of Prophet Abraham. Also, the word Ram finds a place in this child name, which makes the name as AbRam.

Aaradhya Bachchan

Bollywood`s loving couple, Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan, are very much rooted in the rich Indian culture and tradition. While naming their loving daughter, they also stuck to the roots of Indian culture and religion. They decided to name her as “Aaradhya” which is a Sanskrit word which means to be worshipped or someone who needs to be worshipped.

Adira Chopra

Rani Mukerji and Aditya Chopra really are in deep love with each other and is an ideal example of how to be in a lovable romantic relationship even after marriage. Their love was also seen when they gave the name to their daughter i.e. Adira which does not have any literal meaning but actually are the parts of both of their names, i.e., Adi from Aditya and Ra from Rani. Really one of the cutest names one can give to their daughter.....

Viaan Kundra

For Shilpa Shetty and her husband Raj Kundra, the birth of their child is so far the best moment that they had in their married life. Thus, they wanted to give a name to their child who will replicate the symbol of joy and happiness. Thus they named their son “Viaan” which means ‘full of life and energy’.

Hridhaan & Hrehaan Roshan

At one point in time, Sussanne and Hrithik Roshan were the most beloved Bollywood couple, before they decided to part their ways. They name their elder son as Hridhaan which means a person with a ‘big heart’ and their second son as Hrehaan, which is derived from the Arabic word Rehan, meaning ‘God’s chosen one’.

Azad Khan

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao Khan named their son Azad Rao Khan. Aamir named him after his great grand-uncle, Maulana Azad, who was a famous freedom fighter. The literal meaning of Azad is ‘free or liberated’.

Renee & Alisah Sen

Sushmita Sen is a proud single mother and also an example for many women in India because of her courageous decision to adopt children without actually getting marrying in a society, which still considers children as a symbol of marriage. She has adopted two beautiful girl children and named them as Renee which means ‘to be reborn’ and Alisah which means ‘noble’.

Misha Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput named their first child Misha Kapoor. They also followed the footsteps of Rani and Aditya. Their daughter’s name is the combination of Shahid and Mira’s name, i.e. Mi from Mira and Sha from Shahid.

These are some of the beautiful yet unique names of the star kids of Bollywood. The beloved couples love their children, thus name them special to get special attention.

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