Voice That Acts - Bollywood Actors Who Mesmerize Us With Their Baritone

Do you know some of the best method actors of our generation started off as voice over artists? No? Check out the list below to know more.

By Neha Jha

Jun 4, 2018

A Voice that is powerful.

A Voice that serenades.

A Voice that does so much more than just speak.

Bollywood has quite a handful of celebrities who, apart from being great actors and entertainers, have also impressed us with their baritone. Amitabh Bachchan is just one name in the list. Once animated movies came into being in Bollywood, actors were asked to be voice-over artists as well.

Though it seems very easy, voicing a character is harder than you think. Apart from having a good voice, one needs to learn how to modulate it. That is what many of these amazing actors have been able to do.

We look at some of the Bollywood actors with a good baritone.

Amitabh Bachchan -

It is so hard to believe now that Big B was rejected by the All India Radio (AIR). The man has not just sung a few songs in many of his films, but has had to copyright his voice after it was misused by a tobacco company! Someone rightly said - “Work hard in silence and let success make all the noise.” Senior Bachchan proved it worthy like no other. He is not just the voice for songs in most of his films, the latest being the reprise of “Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Hasi Sitam” from 102 Not Out, but also the narrator in films like Lagaan and Bhishma Pitamah in the animated Mahabharata. You can’t compete with this man, even today!

Shah Rukh Khan -

Well, he isn’t just the Badshah of Bollywood, but can also entertain through his voice. No, we are not just talking about the “Bade Bade Deshon Mein…...Senorita!”. Not many know that SRK was the voice behind Mr. Incredible in Disney’s “The Incredibles” Hindi version. He also narrated the opening sequence of Shahid Kapoor’s Kismat Konnection. And his voice continues to be extremely sought after. Now, he stands nowhere close to Big B. Nevertheless, it makes it worthwhile to have King Khan lend his voice.

Aamir Khan -

He does not consider himself a voice-over artist. But, it’s a fact that his voice has been copied a thousand times. Aamir Khan surprised everyone by being the voice of the cute pug in Zoya Akhtar’s Dil Dhadakne Do. He was the one who made us know what really happened behind closed doors between such a dysfunctional family. What was most alluring was the fact that few people could recognize his voice throughout the long duration of the film. That was a nice surprise, Aamir! Not his first time though. Remember Ghulam? And the song “Ae Kya Bolti Tu?” Yeah, Good old days!!

Shatrughan Sinha -

His voice boomed and echoed like no others. The contemporary of Big B, he is equally in demand for his voice. And he has done that so far so well. Apart from his powerful “Khamosh”, he has also done voice-overs for animated series and more. People have loved him for his on-screen image as well as for his dumdaar voice! Need to control a huge crowd? Let Mr. Sinha roar - Khamosh!!!!!

Priyanka Chopra -

We know the world of advertising and voice-overs is also male-dominated. Yet we do have a glass ceiling breaker. None other than our very own desi girl Priyanka Chopra. Nobody else has battled insecurity, bigotry, and racism as well as she did. And her soothing voice might just remind you of Scarlett Johansson. She did voice the character of Kaa in The Jungle Book. Oh, how scintillating it was!!! And Yes, she did prove how well she can sing - My City and Exotic proved that amazingly well.

Raza Murad -

Growing up, we have all listened to his voice but never knew him. Only when he began coming on screen was the time we could see the man behind the voice. He is the son of legendary actor Murad and has played many roles, prominent being historical roles in Jodha Akbar and Padmaavat. Like his father, he has also earned the tag of being a character actor.

Naseeruddin Shah -

He was the man behind most of the narrations of 90s flicks. No wonder we can recognize his voice anywhere. With the perfect baritone, he can set the tone and the mood of the film. Whether it’s serious or comic, you have Mr. Shah to help you out. And we had so much fun watching him in “Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na”.

Nana Patekar -

His voice is mimicked a lot. And that is extremely entertaining. He voiced the character Sher Khan in The Jungle Book. Though he is not seen usually in all kinds of films, Nana Patekar has led a simple life and keeps himself away from the glamour and the controversies that come with being a part of Bollywood. Voice artistry is something that comes naturally to him.

Piyush Mishra -

He is a professional voice over artist and a remarkable poet. He is also a lyricist, scriptwriter, and singer of many jingles. You must have heard his voice in many ads. Remember the Parle G ad where we have the line - Roko Mat, Toko Mat” that ends with the voice-over “Bachpan se bada koi school nahi. Curiosity se bada koi teacher nahi. Aao banaye kal ke genius.” Oh yes, that was none other than Piyush Mishra. One of his best works as both an actor and voice-over artist is as the story-telling baba in Imtiaz Ali’s Tamasha.

Raghubir Yadav -

We remember the iconic Chacha Chaudhary tv show where he played the protagonist. This veteran theatre actor has many things under his kitty. From Kodak, Coca, Pepsi, Vim, Parle and Icy Cool Mint, Raghubir Yadav does everything in such a professional manner that it gets difficult to surmise him. Hear any of those ads from the 90s and you’d see such uniqueness which is unparalleled.

Richa Nigam -

This woman is an inspiration. After all, she made us believe - Daag ache hain. Though she starred in few movies, her voice always did the magic which was needed. Hailing from a family of singers, she was ridiculed for not being able to match up to their level which made her hate her voice. However, she proved all her detractors wrong. With a wide range of commercials in her kitty, she does what few could do in the advertising business. You go, girl!!

Go, find the voice you’d want to hear once again.

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