Monologues- Definitely Bollywood’s strength! The top 10 monologues of Bollywood you just cannot miss!

Here are a few of the absolute winners! From the most eloquent Nana Patekar (not in the conventional way of course) to the underrated Junior Bachchan they will surely inspire you to use your words wisely!

By Vaishali Behera

May 5, 2018

Bollywood is known for its item numbers and ‘#Damdaar’ dialogues. Hindi film industry and its audience have quite a small attention span, but when it comes to impactful monologues they are all ears. This has to lead to directors cashing it out and thank God for it! Here are some of the best monologues you should definitely check out.

Top 10 Monologues Of Bollywood

Let`s begin with the one which literally brought about a wave of change “revolution” in the most deprived category of people ‘Boyfriends’. Rajat’s monologue was so loved by the audience that it made monologues mainstream! The movie Pyaar Ka Punchnama was bashed for female shaming and it isn’t exactly wrong, although shaming would be too strong a word to use in the context. He very aptly describes what about women and their attitude pisses men off.

Men loved the monologue for its extremely relatable state and after the movie, many were found cheering Rajat during the rant (till their girlfriends saw them of course!). Some women found it offensive while a lot many couldn’t help but laugh along with the men which were again for how relatable it was. The way the actor, Kartik Aaryan delivered the almost one breather is outstanding considering he is a newbie in the business. It does look like has had some experience though doesn’t it?  

3 idiots (Omi Vaidya):

3 idiots may have made you all teary eyed but not just in the emotional scenes involving Raju’s family but rather when the iconic character of

Chatur delivered his teacher’s day speech with gusto. The movie itself was a hilarious take on the educational scenario in the country. But no other scene from the movie had the same impact as this. Chatur (ironic name don’t you think?) begins with the director AKA virus beaming with his well crafted Sanskrit words while he crusades through the speech he accuses the director of rape and the chief guest with other sexual innuendos.

It is almost impossible to watch this scene without laughing out loud! But what we generally don’t acknowledge is how beautifully actor Omi Vaidya delivers this monologue making it absolutely seamless. Along with being funny and tickling our funny bones this one definitely gave us a gem of an actor!

Anand (Rajesh Khanna):


Ok, so this is probably an out of the box addition to the list because unlike the other here we are not focusing on any one specific monologue. The movie garnered an enormous amount of appreciation which was all well deserved. It is difficult to come across a movie in today’s times which was made in the late 90’s especially something that a millennial would like and it wouldn’t be right to blame either of both parties because both have their drawbacks and their own magic.

But Anand unlike most of its contemporaries Anand impressed us all and that too with flying colors. It is surprising to see a movie of that time portraying death as something optimistic, in an era where even love has more shades of grey than yellow. The simplicity with which it was shot makes it easy for the audience to feel the actor while he delivers the monologue. The words in these monologues are so well written that they could pose as poems and quotes all in themselves.

Sholay (Amjad Khan):

You say classic and Sholay echoes back, right? Well, being a millennial I have no idea why?! Yes, it is a fun watch but setting it up as a bar is like setting the standard too low right? There are many movies around the same time that could have been in this one’s place, any day! The “Kitne aadmi the” dialogue has become a cult with innumerable memes and everyone is guilty of using it at least once in their lives, even the 2000’s borns.

The monologue starts with Gabbar questioning his men how the two to be captured people escaped when they were more in number and ends with him shooting them. What makes this monologue memorable is that he lived up to the brutal and scary image we all had in mind right? A true gangsta, killing people in style!

Krantiveer & Attacks Of 26/11(Nana Patekar):

Nobody delivers monologues like Nana Patekar, remember his monologue from Krantiveer? That scene pretty much sums up what he does to independent scenes and monologues. He speaks with so much conviction, right? Sometimes it looks like his veins might just pop right out of his head, and it is a compliment.

He very clearly speaks of how Indians have been enslaved by something or the other ever since independence. Probably one of the best performances the list would never be complete without it. And if the millennials find it hard to relate he delivered another such brilliant monologue in the movie Attacks of 26/11 where he is seen speaking to Ajmal Kasab after all his accomplices are found dead.

The Dirty Picture (Vidya Balan):

Vidya Balan began her career with a blur and now she is in the race with a daze. She was always lurking in the background if you haven’t discovered that already. She featured in one of the top hit shows of the 90s, Hum Paanch where she played the role of one the sisters among the five.  She then featured in a few Bollywood movies and also in various ads where she again went unnoticed but she grabbed the much-deserved spotlight when she acted as the female lead in Parineeta opposite Sanjay Dutt and Saif Ali Khan.

Her monologue in The Dirty Picture grabbed all eyeballs and why shouldn’t it, she delivered southern siren Silk Smita’s spirit in her monologue.  She depicted the actress in her biographical movie and via her speech in the award-winning scene made us reflect on our beliefs as a society and individuals.

Black (Rani Mukerji):

Black is one of the few gems created by Bollywood and also one of the best performances of both Rani Mukerji and Amitabh Bachchan. The story of a deaf,  dumb and blind student who finds surviving difficult till a teacher comes across who teaches her the true meaning of life and makes her realize that she is lucky to even with all her disabilities.

She graduates with her fighter spirit and makes a speech on the very same day. This monologue fetched Rani a lot of acclaim, thanks to her acting ability and the way she made Michelle realistic. By the end of the scene, she is not just a character but more of an inspiration! You will find yourself wiping away tears as Michelle wipes away hers.

Guru (Abhishek Bachchan):

Abhishek Bachchan has had quite a bumpy ride and we have all been a part of it. He has been shamed for his lack of acting skills and choice of bad movies but if there is one thing he needs to be applauded for then it is this movie! He plays the role of a man who made the business a reality in the country all while encouraging corporate crime.

Abhishek Bachchan’s strong portrayal of the tycoon is what makes it memorable. And it was so much fun to watch Mr. And Mrs. Bachchan on-screen together. Junior Bachchan might have had several attempts and failed but this was one of his successful ones. He also elaborates the tricks and tips of business in the most entertaining and fun way.

Chak de India (SRK):

The king of Bollywood has records where we could probably get lost! But this is one speech will take your breath away, he can make you cry and laugh at the same time but this will make your adrenaline rush all while getting the patriot in you scream with all the life in you. He plays the role of the coach who is a failed player and tries to revive his career via a team of girls who play Hockey for India.

The movie focuses on too many things which successfully drive us to reflect on our undermining society where from being a woman to belonging to a specific cast could prove to be wrong and rub people the wrong way. Shah Rukh’s speech in this scene is not just motivating but is definitely one of his best performances where he is not glammed up or romancing but is rather busy turning failure into success.

Haider (Shahid Kapoor):

Haider is one of the many movies made by Mr. Bhardwaj where he has adapted plays of Shakespeare. Taking such a huge risk would probably scare and deter other directors but not him he took it up as a challenge and has made the best use of all such plays where he has given Bollywood three such amazing movies. Haider is adapted from the play named Hamlet where a son discovers his father’s death and suspects his uncle’s involvement who somehow seduces his mother after the death of her husband.

Shahid plays that unfortunate son and boy does he act well in it. He plays the distraught kid who in adulthood tries to find the mother who raised him with not just love but values. His monologue is one of the most aggressive and expressive and will make you stand up and clap, thanks to his heartfelt performance. An absolute must watch for Shahid fans.

We have presented this rainbow of emotions via monologues just for you!

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