Bollywood and its ugly side | Celebrities who went behind the Bars

Bollywood and its ugly side | Celebrities who went behind the Bars

By Sayak Karmakar

Apr 11, 2018  Updated On : Apr 25, 2018

The last 10 days have been quite a roller coaster ride for Superstar Salman Khan. He was found guilty in the 20-year-old Blackbuck poaching case and was sentenced to 5 years in jail by the Jodhpur court. Things became more complicated as he wasn’t granted bail by the Jodhpur court because of the tenure of the sentence.  The lawyer of Salman had to rush to Rajasthan court to complete all the procedures and while doing all the legal stuff it led Salman to stay 2 days and nights in Jodhpur jail. But All’s well that ends well. Bhaijaan Salman finally got his bail and was released from the jail.

Thus, being a celebrity is not at all an easy job. One may feel all the great pleasures of name, fame, and money but along with that one also has to bear all the pressures of media and millions of fans and followers. And when a celebrity fails to maintain the balance between the pleasure and the pressure, there arrive mistakes which get highlighted within moment because of the focus of media and fans.  

Besides Salman Khan, there have been many Bollywood celebrities who have got arrested for various crimes. While some of them have been able to relive their career again, some have failed and faded away from the Bollywood arena. Trust me Guys and Girls… The life of the celebrity is tough … very tough…

So, let`s have a look at the list of Bollywood celebrities who went behind the bars-

Sanjay Dutt- 

Along with Salman Khan, if there is anyone who can be termed as a “Bad Boy” in Bollywood is none other than our Sanju Baba, Sanjay Dutt. From Drug addiction to underworld connection, Sanjay Dutt has experienced almost every bad phase of life. However, it was a case of illegal arms possession linking to the 1993 Mumbai serial blast for which he was awarded a 5 years term of imprisonment by Supreme court in the year 2013. He stayed for 4 years in Yerawada Jail and was released earlier in 2017 due to his good behavior in jail.  After getting released, Sanjay Dutt starred in Bhoomi and currently has a list of some good movies under his kitty.

Salman Khan-

This List world is incomplete without our Bhaijaan Salman Khan. Salman Khan is known for three things. First, giving blockbusters after blockbusters at Box Office, second for his innumerable charity works and third for his out of control personal life. The Hit and Run Case, the killing of BlackBuck case, physically abusing his former girlfriend Aishwarya Rai and the number of cases goes on and on and on. However, interestingly, Salman has never been punished severely for any of the cases. In the Hit and Run Case, Salman Khan was found innocent by the Supreme Court, Aishwarya never went to court for being abused by Salman and in the recent verdict of the Black Buck Killing case, Salman Khan, even though was sentenced for 5 years of imprisonment but after 2 days got the much-anticipated bail.

Shiney Ahuja- 

Shiney Ahuja had a very promising start to his Bollywood career with movies like Gangster, Life In a Metro and Bhool Bhulaiya. He was widely considered to become a potential superstar in future and that too without having any godfathers in the industry. However, his much promising career came to a big jolt when he was accused by a minor maid of raping her. What followed after that was a series of arrest, court trials, confession, truth, lies and as usual too much negative criticism from media. However, finally, he was found innocent by the court and was left free. But alas!!!! It was too late… Shiney Ahuja career got seriously affected and he eventually faded away from the Bollywood limelight and was last seen in a small role in the movie Welcome Back.

Late Inder Kumar-

Yes, Inder Kumar was never in much of limelight than the other actors discussed in the list apart from his short roles in movies like Wanted and Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi. However, he was accused by a model of raping her in the year 2014. But this acquisition did not do much bad to the little name and fame which Inder Kumar had as he was later granted bail by the court. The actor passed away last year after a sudden cardiac arrest.

John Abraham- 

We all have to admit that John Abraham has a love and passion for bikes. So much so that in the earlier part of his career, he used to sleep with his favorite bike aside. But little did he knew that his true love world becomes a reason for sending him to jail. Yes, John Abraham was arrested for rash driving with his bike which resulted in serious injury to two people. After 6 years of trial, John was awarded a sentence of 15 days in jail. But for the short term, he easily got bail and never had to spend a night in jail.

Ankit Tiwari- 

Singing sensation Ankit Tiwari too had his shares of professional embarrassment by spending time behind the bars. Ankit Tiwari was accused by a model and an advertiser of raping her on a regular basis with the proposal of marriage. However, he too got bail a week later after being arrested on 9th of May, 2014.

Saif Ali Khan-

Even the Nawab of Bollywood wasn`t even scared of getting the taste of being arrested and spending nights in the rooms of Indian jails. Saif Ali Khan, along with Salman Khan was involved in the Black Buck killing case in which he was recently found innocent by the Jodhpur Court. He was also involved in a physical assault with international businessman Iqbal Sharma in Taj Hotel in 2012. Saif was arrested but however got bail a few days later.

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