Bollywood Actresses who have strongly reacted to body shaming

Bollywood Actresses who have strongly reacted to body shaming

By Barsa Ray

Mar 8, 2018  Updated On : Apr 26, 2018

Bollywood actresses have to undergo a lot to achieve the so-called perfect figure. These celebrities are under a constant watch of the shutterbugs who keeps an eye on each and every move of the celebs. They gain or shred some extra pounds for their on-screen images. But this doesn’t go well with the body shamers leading to the humiliation of actresses in the social media platforms with numerous mean and nasty comments. Some actresses have gone silent and ignored the issue, while some openly stood up and strongly reacted to the body shaming.

Here’s a list of Bollywood actresses who have strongly reacted to body shaming:

1.Sonakshi Sinha:-

Starting from her Bollywood debut in ‘Dabangg’, the actress has received much flak for her body weights. Since then a lot has changed and the actress is fitter than ever. She has strongly reacted to the body shamers and shut their rubbish talks.  

2.Vidya Balan:-

Vidya Balan has never been ashamed of the few ounces of weight she has put on. Neither has she taken any steps on reducing nor increasing it nor does she pay attention to the body shamers. She remains ever beautiful in the way she is. Her wits are enough to tackle these body shamers.

3.Sonam Kapoor:-

The fashion icon of Bollywood has reduced a lot of weight to become the ravishing diva she is today. But time and again she has been body shamed by many. She puts the mean comments aside and carries herself elegantly towards her future goals. She has also openly slammed these body shamers for their harsh comments.

4.Huma Qureshi:-

Huma has always stood up against the body shamers. Even her cover picture in Femina magazine celebrates her beautiful curves and shut the mouth of body shamers.

5.Zareen Khan:-

Zareen Khan was not in her best shape before entering into the film industry. But times have changed and she is in the fittest shape of her life, spreading her angelic aura and charm.

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