Bigg Boss: Ugly Fights of This Season

Bigg Boss: Ugly Fights of This Season

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Nov 27, 2017  Updated On : Apr 30, 2018

Bigg Boss has been the controversy’s favourite kid for 11 years now! This season of Bigg Boss is the 11th season. With each season the controversies increase and the game becomes dirtier and uglier. This season is no less, with fights being the only constant in the show. With celebs and aam admi (commoner), coming together, the show has gotten nastier than its last season.  Let’s talk about the ugliest fights of this season till date:

Akash Dadlani and Priyank Sharma

Akash Dadlani offended Benafsha and the last disapproved. Hina and Priyanka stood firm against Akash`s hostile remarks like: "badbudaar, gandi". Be that as it may, Akash being Akash, turned a hard of hearing ear to them and kept on yelling. I swear, in the event that somebody doesn`t go out requiring portable hearing aid, I`ll be so shocked.

Anyway, this quarrel prompted an exceptional battle between...get this: Puneesh and Priyank! Priyank, first lashed out at Akash. One thing prompted another and Puneesh additionally got engaged with a cringe worthy battle with Benafsha and Priyank.

Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta

The show began on October first and keeping in mind that the premiere night typically doesn`t include any dramatization, season 11 was slated to appear as something else. A battle broke out in front of an audience; between TV star Shilpa Shinde and producer Vikas Gupta. For everybody who joined the gathering late, Shilpa was the lead in the prevalent TV serial, Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai till a year ago, when she chose to clear out. She rebuked the producers for rationally tormenting her, and Vikas who was a part of the channel, lashed out at her idiom she had fits on the set and expected a raise at regular intervals. The war of words between the two began on the stage, with Salman Khan being a quiet onlooker!

Zubair Khan – Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan

Zubair picked another battle with Shilpa and Arshi about the food they were cooking. He asserted that both of them felt free to cook whatever they fancied without soliciting any from anyone else in the house. Since Zubair apparently can`t have any discussion without misbehaving and swearing to the opposite party, this prompted a war of words with Zubair mouthing bad words to Arshi till he was driven away other inmates.

Vikas Gupta – Hina Khan

For not supporting Arshi amid her conflicts with Zubair, and consequently establishing the framework for the hostility amongst herself and Arshi, Vikas calls Hina a vamp. Hina`s feelings run from trembling lips and weepy eyes to episodes of outrage and a pointed finger as she protects herself. Arshi and Vikas say the previous is qualified for dress the way she needs, and even tear her garments, and nobody has the privilege to remark on it. Arshi blames Priyank for wandering around half-bare and hitting on her for film. Also, when she blames Hina for strolling around in a bikini`, Hina`s capable feeling of fashion police is outraged. `Monokini, babe, monokini.`

Priyank Sharma - Arshi Khan

Priyank uncovers that Arshi does her activities in the centre in an extremely provocative way and winds up remarking on the time when she tore her garments. Priyank and Hina`s allegations leave Arshi angered and she lashes out at them. Arshi says that she`ll tear her garments since they have a place with her and no one`s dad gotten them for her. A tremendous battle takes after amid which Arshi even debilitates Priyank of tossing her shoes at him and kicking him if he tries to even thing of coming near her.

We as an audience love these “nok-jhok” but certain amount of peace and friendship wouldn’t do us much harm! 

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