`Bhavesh Joshi the superhero` just dropped its trailer and we are impressed!

Harshvardhan is back with his second film and he plays a superhero with a fresh outlook!

By Vaishali Behera

May 6, 2018

Harshvardhan Kapoor starrer Bhavesh Joshi- The Superhero just dropped the trailer and we are now officially excited for the release.

Harshvardhan’s next venture is a superhero movie but unlike any other done in Bollywood before this one. Although with a clichéd story it has new elements which have got the audience all intrigued and excited. This is one project which has been tossed around quite enough before landing on the Kapoor lad’s lap. First offered to Imran Khan it was then passed on to Sidharth Malhotra who could not fit in the pre-production schedule into his.

The trailer begins with a light note where three friends are seen discussing one of their friend’s creation, a superhero. It then leads to the same friend recording videos while the other two try doing good acts of preventing wrongdoings in the society which gets aggravated when they discover severe hidden criminal acts while exposing people who pee on public places. It leads to one of them being captured and being killed by big players who have political and criminal connections along with having ties with the officials. This infuriates his companion who starts taking this job of bringing justice very seriously and decides to avenge his friend’s death by making his dream of doing right a reality.

Unlike the other superhero movies he is not bitten and neither can he fly which has got us very excited as it will make it realistic. Harsh’s short performance in the trailer is also what gets us interested as unlike our very own Krrish and Flying Jatt he doesn’t fly or get captured for his superpowers but rather trains and makes things believable and relatable.

Watch the trailer here:

Arjun Kapoor has a cameo in the movie where he can be seen shaking a leg to an item number ‘Chumma’! His sisters broke stereotypes with “Tareefan’s” role reversal and he is probably doing the same by making a man dance to an item number!

This Kapoor clan is sure to bring about some changes and we are not complaining! The movie is all set to be released on 25th may 2018.

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