Beyond the clouds: New trailer dropped

Beyond the clouds: New trailer dropped

By Nikita Dutta

Mar 26, 2018  Updated On : Apr 25, 2018

Majid Majidi helmed film ‘Beyond the clouds’ which stars Ishaan Khattar and Malavika Mohanan in its lead roles, has released its second trailer today. The first few moments are the same as shown in the last trailer. But the twist in the trailer comes when another family is also shown along with them. Now you might think how are these people related to the leads?

The first trailer was released on January 29, 2018. it shows how a Mumbai boy Amir dreams of becoming something big. He and his sister Tara live in poverty and to fulfill his dream the boy starts vending drugs. The latter part of the trailer shows how the boy’s sister is imprisoned while protecting her brother. She suffers a lot in prison and seen screaming at her brother and everyone around.

The second trailer for the movie is released today, on 26 March 2018 and depicts how Amir is forced to take care and give the home to Ghose’s family. According to Amir, Gautam Ghose is the person who is responsible for everything that is happening to his sister. While living with his family Amir feels the same relation he had with his sister that he is growing with Ghose’s daughter.

Despite it is both the actors, Ishaan Khattar and Malavika Mohanan’s debut movie, they did a fantastic job, making the movie more realistic. The movie depicts the life of common people living in slums and their struggles. It is the first film by Iranian award-winning and Oscar nominated director which is set in India. Ishaan and Malavika Mohanan’s(Ishaan`s on-screen sister) acting is spellbinding in the movie as seen in the trailer. Both of them truly did justice to their respective roles. The movie is produced by Shareen Mantri Kedia and Kishor Arora. It is reviewed online in London Film Festival on 11 October 2017. The film is scheduled to be released in India on 20 April 2018.

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