Birthday Special: Sonu Nigam and His Magnificent Magic

Love Sonu Nigam to this day? We got you covered with the Best Songs of the Amazing Artist!

By Neha Jha

May 17, 2018  Updated On : Jul 31, 2018

Songs have always been our best friends in times of distress. There was a time when Bollywood songs had meaning and singers had a longer lifespan compared to what they have now. There was also a time when music was not limited to Bollywood alone. Artistes had the freedom to make their own albums and release them. We wish those glorious days could come back when no one had to depend on recreations to generate money or revenue.

The magic of Sonu Nigam:

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In this edition, we are gonna look at the top chartbusters of one such singer who mesmerized and entertained an entire generation. Someone who started off as an anchor on a singing talent show and later became the most successful and versatile singer in Bollywood with his own independent albums. Yes, it is none other than the handsome, amazing Sonu Nigam. As per reports, “Sonu Nigam Mp3 Songs” is one of the most searched keywords. So, here we go with top tracks of this 90s gem.


Sandese Aate Hain (Border):

This was Sonu Nigam’s debut song in Bollywood. It’s been ages but this particular song remains the most favorite of all patriotic songs. Why wouldn’t it? The song captures the emotions of our soldiers so perfectly. One can’t imagine how hard it must be for them to sacrifice their lives and live away from their families protecting their motherland. Sonu Nigam and Roop Kumar Rathod created the perfect magic in this track.


Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin (Agneepath):

This song is Sonu’s personal favorite. And you can also hear his son sing this song much like his dad! This track remains a turning point in Sonu’s career since he had been missing from playback singing scene for quite a long time. But man! What a comeback!! A myriad of emotions and such subtlety. No one can indeed come closer to Sonu Nigam.

Ye Dil Deewana (Pardes):

Not many know that Sonu Nigam is also a Michael Jackson fan. In this smashing number, he did use a few MJ techniques including adding ‘Ahh..’ at the end of the lines. The song was a hit and remains one of his most famous numbers till date. All credit goes to AR Rahman who gave the freedom to Sonu to sing it the way he wanted. Now, that is rocking!

Satrangi Re (Dil Se):

We love this song so much! You are singing it right now! The tunes, the music and the way Sonu sang it gave it a flavor of mysticism as well as longing and love. The film was not in league with the times and neither was a song. But this Mani Ratnam film is a classic now and so is the song. Sonu Nigam has said in many interviews how proud he is of this song. We are too!!

Tanhayee (Dil Chahta Hai):

The one song which was serious, somber and sad in this film was this track. To this day, it remains a perfect break-up song. Adding depth to his songs and to ordinary lines is a mastered specialty of Sonu Nigam. His amazing vocals and the haunting lyrics depicting the loss of love worked magically for the heartbroken. What else do we need?

Deewane Ho Ke Hum (Jaan):

One of the most heart-touching romantic tracks ever, this song has the power to transport you into a different dimension altogether. Going for a date? Planning a romantic night? This song is a must on your playlist. Every word sung has such emotions that you will find your heart melting. Which other singer has such an enchanting power other than Sonu? Just experience the feels!

Saathiya (Title Track):

The film was a remake of the south Indian flick Alaipayuthey. Singer Hariharan had sung the title track in the original film. It must have been hard for Sonu Nigam to fill in his shoes and create the same magic. But he did it so brilliantly that the listeners enjoyed it immensely and some also found it better than the original. It’s still an all-time favorite with the fans.

Deewana Tera (Deewana):

Oh, how we miss the album songs of those days!! This one kept us hooked for days at a stretch back in the day. And with Sonu’s crisp voice and vocal tunes, it was hard for us to resist ourselves from falling in love with it. The perfect love song for young couples, this remains a favourite with all 90s kids.

Kyun Hawa (Veer Zaara):

The entire album composed with Late Madan Mohan tunes was so fine that it is impossible to recreate something of the sort. This song is the most underrated song of Sonu Nigam. Don’t believe us? Just close your eyes and listen to the song. You’d feel winds and experience yourself dancing with it, just like SRK does in the film. Wonder why the song is so grossly underrated?

Kismat Se Tum Humko Mile (Pukar):

This classical song can simply mesmerize you to the core and fill you with all happy thoughts. The most romantic track at the turn of the century, this is yet another underrated song of Sonu Nigam. Yet it came around the time when he was at the peak of his career with back to back hits.

Dheere Jalna (Paheli):

This song won him the best singer Filmfare Award. Listen to this number and you are sure to marvel at the talent of this incredible singer. It is not an easy song to sing but Sonu makes it seem so effortless! A well-deserved award indeed.

Main Agar Kahoon (Om Shanti Om):

One of those few songs he sang at the time, this one broke all records. Keeping in tune with the script of the song, it required the singer to keep the 70s romantic vibe in it. And who better than Sonu Nigam to do that who, by the way, is a huge fan of Mohammad Rafi. And he was successful in recreating that era of romance which no other singer could have done this effortlessly.

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Jaane Nahi Denge Tujhe (3 Idiots):

This song can make you cry! A song celebrating friendship and the bond of life and death that friendships are all about, you can feel all the emotions here. The song had nothing very special about it. The lyrics were plain and simple. But Sonu Nigam always makes sure to understand the context and bring his own version of it. That is what does the trick for this light yet emotional track.

Tumse Milke Dil Ka (Main Hoon Na):

The title track of the film was also his. But the beats and the rhythm of this track remains unparalleled. An amazing dance hit which can also make you go all romantic, this has to be on your playlist if you are planning something fun for everyone. More than 15 years after its release, this continues to be popular.

Sonu Nigam New Hit Songs are also the best ones in themselves. But, we know you want to go back in time with these amazing tracks from Sonu Nigam. Don’t wait! Do that and enjoy this numero uno singer’s best tracks!

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