Aashiqui with Kumar Sanu: Experience the Magic of this 90s Gem

Kumar Sanu is more than just a known name! He is the voice of an entire generation. We give you his best tracks today.

By Neha Jha

May 18, 2018

Kedarnath Bhattacharya. Naam toh suna hi hoga? Nahi Suna!!!

Well, Kumar Sanu? Yes, you know him!

There’s no 90s kid out there who hadn’t grown up listening to his songs on TV, on radio and everywhere back then. Like what the showed in the movie ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha’, Kumar Sanu and his songs were our voice. They depicted fun times, pain, love and all sorts of myriad emotions.

In a recent interview, Kumar Sanu shared the secret behind the depth in his voice which makes the songs come alive. It is the lack of romance and love in his life. “I put in all that emotions in my song,” he says. Yes, we could feel that. Here is a list of the best of this musical genius.

Best Tracks By Kumar Sanu

Tujhe Dekha Toh (Dil Wale Dulhania Le Jayenge) -

The song was an unexpected hit, according to Kumar Sanu. Nobody has the slightest idea during recording that it’d become the love anthem of an entire generation! The film’s success and the duet with Lata Mangeshkar fulfilled all dreams of Kumar Sanu who had just begun to taste success. We still love this song, no matter how cheesy it seems now!

Dheere Dheere Se (Aashiqui) -

The film’s album had catapulted Kumar Sanu to overnight stardom. With all of the songs in his kitty, he did what few could do at the time. Do you know Aashiqui was supposed to be an album only? Mahesh Bhatt was asked to develop a script around it later. And look at what happened! Kumar Sanu established himself through it.

Jab Koi Baat (Jurm) -

This was Kumar Sanu’s debut song and has turned into a classic now. No matter the recreations, the charm of the original remains unabated. A simple, slow romantic number reflecting the need to stay together no matter the circumstance, you can’t find anything sweeter than this. It is still a treasured romantic track.

Kuch Na Kaho (1942 A Love Story) -

Kumar Sanu had always wanted to work with RD Burman, the maestro. And this album was the last work of RD Burman. A ballad echoing the moments of love shared between two lovers without anything spoken in between, this song can make you smile or shed a few happy tears. Kumar Sanu talked about how fortunate he felt to have worked with RD Burman who had planned to rope in Kishore Kumar for the song before he died. It must not have been easy, but look how it happened!

Bas Ek Sanam Chahiye (Aashiqui) -

The title track of this beautiful album, the guitar tune remains unparalleled. And so does Kumar Sanu’s voice! More than 25 years after its release, there’s not one Valentine’s Day where this song is not included. You won’t get such an upbeat voice describing the optimism in love anywhere else.

Tu Meri Zindagi Hai (Aashiqui) -

We can’t help it, you see! The songs from this film will continue to form a huge part of his best songs list. It can be called a second title track but it’s riddled with mixed emotions and has more subtlety than the original. I am humming it and I know, so are you!

Ek Ladki Ko Dekha (1942 A Love Story) -

This song made Anil Kapoor famous and has since been used and re-used in myriad ways. Probably the perfect way to describe love-at-the-first-sight, no one song could come close to it in describing the sweet feeling you get and the adrenaline rush. Kumar Sanu’s voice was extremely uplifting in such cases.

Nazar Ke Samne (Aashiqui) -

A duet with Anuradha Paudwal, this one was a chartbuster and continues to be one. Most of Kumar Sanu’s songs have had such unparalleled longevity that they are constantly being remade and recreated. Back then, songs had 3-4 stanzas and that gave singers more opportunity to sing in different tones. You can’t get that back now.

Ae Kash Ke Hum (Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa) -

This classic song from Kundan Shah’s film is a gem of Kumar Sanu. You can find yourself grooving, dancing in slow motion and more, all at once. The lyrics are simple yet so deep that you’d feel like celebrating the evening with your beloved. Kumar Sanu’s voice can put you in the mood instantly. Aren’t you swaying right now with the song? Yes, you are!

Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin ( Title Track) -

We loved this song back then and we love it now as well. It was a rage with college students back in the 90s. It has always been tough to convince your heart to stop from going all crazy. And it remains the same even in this day of constant virtual touch. The deep baritone of Kumar Sanu does the trick for the song.

Tu Mile Dil Khile (Criminal) -

Oh, the feels! One of the best love songs of all time, it has both a male and a female version along with a duet. Soft, simple yet with such subtle feelings exuded all around that you will find yourself getting lost in it all. The 90s was suffused with songs of this kind and it was so heart-warming that you still remember the lines and the feels, don’t you?

Tumhe Apna Banane Ki Kasam (Sadak) -

Yes, they have remade and recreated this classic. But the feelings you will get are unmatched. Sanjay Dutt has admitted many times that the song is one of the highlights from his career. Love songs had a different feel in those days and Kumar Sanu sure knew how to bring forth that charm! No mean feat to sing such songs.

Ye Kaali Kaali Aankhen (Baazigar) -

You are dancing on it. For 90s kids, this song remains a favorite dance number. Kumar Sanu Anu Malik brought forth such fun and vibe to this song that we still groove to it. Kumar Sanu has many dance numbers to his credit and this track is one of his best. Even in the absence of sophisticated instruments, the fun was great!

We leave you with these magical numbers today. Don’t forget to comment your personal favorites below.

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