Best Movies on Terrorism

Best Movies on Terrorism

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Jul 13, 2017  Updated On : Apr 23, 2018

Terrorism is a reality – a bitter, harsh & perpetual threat that has engulfed the minds of the people & filmmakers alike and through the powerful medium of movies, here are some movies that tackle & touch it!

The 1st on our list is apt to the current scenario:

AAMIR (2008):


This film perhaps few have heard of, poignantly exposes the ugly face of terrorism. Rajeev Khandelwal is at his best as he plays Dr. Samir Ali, who finds himself at the mercy of muslim extremists who want to carry out a bombing in the city.

At the 2nd place, we have:

THE ATTACKS OF 26/11 (2008):    


Another 2008 release is a docudrama entirely based in the 26/11 Mumbai Attacks by Ram Gopal Verma which also centres around the infamous terrorist Ajmal Kasab with Nana Patekar reprising the role of Rakesh Maria, the Joint Commissioner of Police.

At the 3rd place, we have:

NEW YORK (2009):

A gripping storyline against the backdrop of the 9/11 attacks, best explains how terrorism was introduced to the western world. John Abraham plays Sameer Shaikh a victim of the chaotic scare the Americans faced!

The 4th on our list is:

ROJA (1992):

A movie that was screened in the 2015 London Indian Film Festivals in light of the growing fear of terrorist attacks across the world, that is the closest to the reality about the mind-set of the terrorists & its consequences on the people. Overall a lovestory with the daunting fear of terrorism makes it extremely horrifying at the same time!

Finally, we have:


   A sleeper movie that caught attention much after it released, this Neeraj Pandey film has a completely different take on terrorism that narrates how easily faceless terrorists can both control & destroy the calm, just disappearing into the crowd. Unexpected twists, powerful lines & the speed is sure to leave you speechless in the end!

Movies as such makes us wish if terrorism were a piece of fiction & not the reality we have to live with!  



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