Alka Yagnik`s Best Hits: Bring on the Nostalgia

The voice that mesmerized an entire generation! If you are a 90s kid, she is all you listened to, she is all you know.

By Neha Jha

May 17, 2018

The romance, the melodious voice, and the versatility were unmatched to a great extent back in the day when Bollywood was in a different phase of music and filmmaking altogether. Yes, we are talking about the evergreen Alka Yagnik.

The 90s Magic

Talk of her, and you are sure to go back to all the greatest hits from the 90s. She came in unannounced and, before you knew it, she became a singing superstar. Music directors would make a beeline in front of her house for recording dates. And you cannot possibly keep a track of the number of songs she has sung over the years.

We take you back in time to top tracks of Alka Yagnik. Get ready to go down memory lane and welcome nostalgia. 

Ee Mere Humsafar (Qayamat se Qayamat Tak)- 

This romantic track has stood the test of time. Back then, it was a rage. Those silent love stories and the feeling of rushed emotions and anticipation when the loved one is gonna be near to you. A duet with Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik created such magic with her simple, innocent voice that listeners could not resist her charm. Hope is all you have when you are in love, right?

Mera Dil Bhi Kitna Pagal Hai (Saajan)-

The whole album comprised of songs from no one else but Alka Yagnik. In fact, she and Kumar Sanu set the standard for romantic tracks in the 90s. An out and out romantic number, you can find all the feels of love. We all have been in situations where we want to express our love or admit it, but we just can’t! Yeah, that happened a lot in the 90s!

Ae Mere Humsafar (Baazigar)-


Bollywood had few good sensual numbers back in the day. But, this song became an instant rage on account of its amazing tunes and quality. Vinod Rathod and Alka Yagnik created such a great combination that people made the song an overnight hit. And we all remember the whistle? Yeah, we know you are whistling! Have a romantic weekend getaway and don’t forget to include this song. 

Tip Tip Barsa Paani (Mohra)-

We told you that we’ll take you back to the good old days. This one is unforgettable and you must have begun to visualize Raveena Tandon in wet yellow saree. Creating such sensuality through one’s voice is an extremely difficult thing to do. The actor on screen won’t be able to create that magic unless the singer does it in the song, right? With Alka Yagnik, you don’t have to worry about it?

Pyar Ke Liye Char Pal (Dil Kya Kare)-

Probably the most underrated song of Alka Yagnik, this one emotes every human emotion of love and longing put together. You will find your heart melting away and remembering your loved one whom you haven’t seen in a long time. It`s hard to classify songs like this one in any category. It deserves to remain in your playlist.

Pehli Pehli Baar Mohabbat (Sirf Tum)-


The movie did not impress anyone, but the songs definitely did. This track was the most popular of all songs from the album. The magic of Kumar Sanu - Alka Yagnik continues and there is little that is missing, whether it is the melody or the voice or the feels. A sure hit with the listeners more than 2 decades of the song’s release, this is one of Alka Yagnik’s best songs.

Baazigar O Baazigar (Baazigar)-

One of her earliest hits, Alka Yagnik was always synonymous with most of Kajol’s films. A playful yet romantic track, the song has attained cult status. We, the 90s kids, might call it one of the classics of our times. The lyrics are simple but the way the music has come out is simply brilliant. 

Gazab Ka Hai Din (Qayamat se Qayamat Tak)- 

This sweet song is so popular even after 25 years of its release that the leading lady of the film Juhi Chawla considers it her favorite. No wonder they remade this song. But that magic is missing. You don’t have the voice of Alka Yagnik to give you the innocent feels of first love!

Aisi Deewangi (Deewana)-


A duet with Vinod Rathod, this song is a classic now. With SRK and the Late Divya Bharti together in picturesque locations, this was the go-to love song as well as dance number back in the 90s. They haven’t remade it yet and we hope they don’t! Alka Yagnik’s most famous track by all standards, this is also one of her personal favorites.

Mohabbat Ho Na Jaaye (Kasoor)-

One of the reasons behind the film’s success was its album. And the success of the album was because of Alka Yagnik who sang all the songs of the film. Tell me you don’t relate to this song when you realize you have begun to fall in love! Slow, soothing and much in love, that’s what the song is all about. 

Kitni Bechain Hoke (Kasoor)-

You are singing it right now! Well, that’s what good music does. No matter the years that pass, you will always remember it. A love song that stood the test of time, you will have to credit Alka Yagnik for all that she brought to the song. And she worked with the best music directors of the time. 

Ek Do Teen (Tezaab)-

No one can forget the rage this song was back in the late 80s. It was sort of an introductory song for dance diva Madhuri Dixit. The dance number was sung with such ferocity by Alka Yagnik that it complemented well with Madhuri’s expressions and Saroj Khan’s choreography. You remember the steps, right? So do we! And no recreation can ever come close to the original.

Dekha Hai Pehli Bar (Saajan)-

Not many know that Alka Yagnik was the first choice for Mahesh Bhatt’s film Aashiqui. However, since Anuradha Paudwal was the favourite of Gulshan Kumar, Alka Yagnik got the chance to sing for music duo Nadeem-Shravan later. And this album is one of their best creations so far. 

We gave you the nostalgia. Now, you let us know in the comments below which Alka Yagnik song is your all-time favourite.

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