Baaghi ( TV Series ) - OST by Qandeel Baloch and Shuja Haider

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Dec 24, 2017

Fauzia Batool (Saba Qamar) is an excellent young lady who lives in a town house alongside her folks (Irfan Khoosat and Saba Faisal), a more youthful sibling, a more youthful sister, a more seasoned sibling Rahim and Rahim`s significant other Asma. Fauzia`s more seasoned sister Nazia is hitched. Fauzia is the her dad`s indisputable favorite; Fauzia`s mom additionally cherishes her, be that as it may, she tries to her maximum capacity to discpline Fauzia as Fauzia is a frank and defiant young lady. Fauzia`s sister-in-law (Asma) is a manipulative lady who has the entire control over her better half. Asma`s sibling Sajid begins to look all starry eyed at Fauzia and compulses Asma to request her hand. Asma is emphatically against the marriage as she doesn`t need her sibling to wed such a `sharp` lady. Sajid figures out how to persuade his sister who, thusly, persuades Rahim, and that too effectively. Rahim and Asma converse with Fauzia`s folks about the proposition, who are at first hesitant yet at last capitulate to the weight applied by the couple, and Sajids mother, and, in the long run affirm the proposition. Be that as it may, Fauzia rejects the connection as she has dreams of getting to be plainly well known and autonomous - making a social profession. Fauzia`s family reveals to her that it is past the point where it is possible to decline to the marriage as the entire town has been told about it and canceling the engagement just before the wedding would destroy their notoriety. Fauzia, however becomes hopelessly enamored with Abid, the proprietor of a restorative shop in her neighborhood. Abid has guaranteed to permit and help her to fulfill everything she could ever hope for and gives her numerous magazines of models. Fauzia tries her best to get hitched to him and he even sends his proposition through is mother yet Fauzia`s mom rejects, saying that Fauzia is now locked in. Having no other choice left, she goes to the Chaudhry and Chaudrani of the town, who assist and disclose to her dad to get Fauzia wedded to Abid. Fauzia and Abid, at the appointed time, get hitched. In any case, Abid loses enthusiasm for Fauzia after their marriage because of her incessant family unit quarreling. Before long, they have a child together. Before long, Fauzia finds that Abid is engaging in extramarital relations with a young lady called Ruby, because of which, Fauzia and Abid have a noteworthy battle however they rejoin yet keep on fighting from time to time. Fauzia needs to be a model as Abid had guaranteed to enable her to, yet after the marriage he demands her to sit at home and bring up their kid. Abid, additionally physically manhandle Fauzia, who soon, devasted, leaves the town and goes to Karachi to be a model and make a profession and accommodate her underlying family. The organization she works for sends her a beautician Gogi/Rehaan (Khalid Malik) who gives her a makeover, enhances her English and gives her lessons of communicating in English with an emphasize. In the interim Abid, who has separated Fauzia, weds Ruby and gives his tyke to his sister to take watch over. In the wake of knowing about this news, Fauzia wind up plainly discouraged - and is, currently, edgy to land a position and recover her youngster. In the interim, the organization proprietor/supervisor, Gauhar hoodwinks Fauzia and influences her to do awful things. Fauzia leaves the organization when she understands this and chooses to go to a lady`s inn. The guardian of the lodging is an underhanded lady and seeing Fauzia for how she was, she chooses to send her to do terrible things for picking up cash. Fauzia keeps running from that point and backpedals to Gogi/Rehaan [((Khalid Malik))] and begins living with him. Be that as it may, for a long time, she doesn`t get work. Thus, albeit reluctantly however given the conditions, she frantically comes back to the organization that she was at first in, by apologizing to the manager, Gauhar. Step by step, she begins refining herself and works for whatever she can, great or awful. After numerous scenes, the section of Shehryar (Osman Khalid Butt) happens and Fauzia and Shehryar begin getting nearer. In the mean time, Fauzia`s dad, faces a mishap which brings about the cutting of one of his legs. Thus, Fauzia meets her family in the healing center after quite a while and pays off for all her dad`s doctor`s facility costs by working be that as it may and the way she can. She even takes a house in the city and moves her family (barring her senior sibling and his significant other) to the city for some days until the point that her dad gets another leg settled at a private healing facility in the city. In the mean time, she draws near to her family and furthermore furnishes them with every one of the enhancements which were not accessible in the town. She likewise loans cash to her senior sibling, just to pay - off his lease and different obligations and to keep up a heartfelt association with him.


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