Anushka Sharma’s Pari: First Day Box Office Collections

Anushka Sharma’s Pari: First Day Box Office Collections

By Neha Jha

Mar 3, 2018  Updated On : Apr 25, 2018

Anushka Sharma’s Pari has hit the theatres and from the response, it has received on its first day, the film seems to have done fairly well. If early figures are anything to go by, the first-day box office collections are anywhere close to Rs 6 Crores on Friday. Trade analysts predict the movie might rake in close to Rs 13 Crores or more at the box office by the end of the weekend.

A Prosit Roy directorial, Pari tells the story of Rukhsana (Anushka Sharma) who is rescued from a forest area by Arnab (Parambrata Chatterjee), who also opens the movie. Arnab is involved in Rukhsana’s mother’s accidental demise and, as a result, feels compelled to take care of her. However, Rukhsana is being followed by Dr. Qasim Ali (Rajat Kapoor) for some mysterious reason. This mystery is the crux of the film.

The critics too have, by and large, given a thumbs-up to the film. Anushka Sharma’s decision to act and produce a horror film, a genre has been viewed with skepticism for a long time in Bollywood now, has met with appreciation. Apart from her, Parambrata Chatterjee, too, has been widely appreciated for his performance. The film earned praises for its experimental depiction of content in horror. Most horror movies fare poorly when it comes to content. However, Pari seems to have changed that. Many critics lauded it saying the film might reinvigorate horror as a genre and end the domination of a few filmmakers like Vikram Bhatt when it comes to scaring people.

The business is expected to kick-start from Saturday, Holi being a major Holiday. Though the makers did not indulge in huge marketing and promotions, the innovative method of releasing screamers worked well in the film’s favor. There has been a section of critics who gave mixed reviews to the film on account of its script. However, everyone is all praises for Anushka who took a big risk, both as an actor and a producer, with this film.

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