How SOTY’S Shanaya Became RAAZI’s Sehmat: Alia Bhatt’s Incredible Bollywood Journey

She looks at you from under those hooded eyes and melts your heart. She turns around gives you a sideways glance and those dimples give you a heartache.

By Ankita Mohanty

Jul 23, 2018  Updated On : Aug 28, 2018

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You might know her by the name of Alia Bhatt


She stepped out of a limousine as the sassy Shanaya and landed on Bollywood’s highway as the outlandish Veera. Although the actress was born with a silver spoon, Alia never let her ‘star kid’ tag get in way of her acting skills.


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Daddy’s Princess, Mama’s boy: Alia Bhatt Early Life, Alia Bhatt age, Alia Bhatt Family


The first thing you notice about Alia is her close resemblance to mom/actress-director Soni Razdan. Almost a xerox copy. Being Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter definitely gave her that much-needed push into the industry. As of now, Alia Bhatt age is 25. But the 25-year-old damsel prefers to work without a backup. From SOTY to Raazi, Alia has delivered us some of the finest performances of Bollywood!


When Alia Bhatt’s boyfriend was most search on Google: Student of The Year


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Alia’s debut movie Student Of The Year was a major Box Office hit and the three-some left quite an impression on audience’s mind. Alia, Varun, and Sidharth played three college-goers stuck in a love triangle. Alia’s character Shanaya was equally hated and loved. Her gradual yet drastic transition from a Bratz doll to a responsible wife is adorable. Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choos, Prada, Versace, Gucci, and Fendi. The movie seemed like an autumn/winter Milan Fashion Week.


When Alia Bhatt’s age was a major issue: Highway


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The movie is a faint reminiscence of ‘Ransom of the Red Chief’. Veera Tripathi, a victim of Stockholm Syndrome bonds with her kidnapper and escapes from her mundane life. Having been sexually assaulted by her own uncle as a kid, Veera carries the trauma through the years. The movie has certain moments that would make you cling on to your seat, however, if you are looking for goosebumps, wait for the climax!


When people went gaga over Alia Bhatt’s images and photos: 2 States


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Remember the dhakad chori from 2 States who spoke her mind and isn`t sorry for her words.  Ananya Swaminathan is still every man`s dream woman. The movie was an adaption of Chetan Bhagat’s ‘2 States’. From giving a lesson or two on dowry to falling in love with a hardcore Punjabi. Ananya Swaminathan is the very definition of ‘tezz’


Easy and natural, Alia breathed life into Ananya’s character. Could you imagine anyone but Alia playing the part of Ananya Swaminathan?


When Alia played the Bihari Migrant: Udta Punjab


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This nameless character got Aliah a Star Screen Award in the ‘Best Actress’ category. Her Bihari accent is right on place, and the get up makes her almost unrecognizable. She plays this complex character smoothly and SOTY’s Shanaya is nowhere to be seen.


Well done Aloo!


Alia in and as ‘The Dulhania’: Badrinath/ Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania


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The girl can really crack you up when it comes to the comedy genre. Tashan wali Kavya from Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania and quick-witted Vaidehi from Badrinath Ki Dulhania have one thing in common for sure, they both are Badass Bauas! The movie truly portrays her chameleon capabilities and her eyes say it all. Sensible, strong-willed and toughnut, with a touch of emotion. The Dulhania series are full throttle entertainment.


When Alia Bhatt helped us get over heartbreak: Dear Zindagi


Dear Zindagi makes it to the top 5 of Alia Bhatt movies.


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Kaira is Dr. Jehangir aka Jug Khan’s favorite patient. A troubled childhood and nasty breakup land her up with this cute `Dimag Ka Doctor`. He not only heals her but also help her to discover herself. The duo how to live and love.


Its ok to`s ok to get..and it`s totally fine to fall again!


When Alia Bhatt delivered her best and finest: Raazi


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Raazi saw her at her BEST. Hands down. The movie is a real-life story based on the book ‘Calling Sehmat’ by Harinder S.Sikka. She plays the part of Sehmat an undercover spy and a naive Kashmiri girl who marries a Pakistani officer. Trained rough for ‘situations’ this innocent girl does everything in her power to save the love of her life-India.


A true Patriot… a daughter … a wife … a spy and a MUST WATCH!


As for Alia? A true Aiyaar!!!


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