Akshay Kumar on child abuse as he narrates his own experience!

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Jul 28, 2017

Stars sometimes surprise us with their kind gestures and Akshay Kumar has always topped the list. From helping the families of martyred soldiers to donating money for drought-stricken villages, here are 5 times Akshay Kumar proved he hasn’t forgotten his roots:

1# When he took the initiative to create an app that would help civilians directly donate money to the martyred soldiers families.

Recently, Akshay Kumar proposed creating an app that would provide people with the bank account number of families of martyred soldiers. He used his fanfare to create awareness and interacted with his followers on social media regarding the same!

2# When he decided to help the drought-hit farmers in Maharashtra, and gave a financial aid of Rs. 90 lakh to help 180 families of the farmers who had committed suicide.

And mind you, all of this wasn’t hyped or promoted in any way. A little out of character for such a celebrity isn’t it?

3# When he launched a school to teach women martial arts!

The school provided self-defense training to women for free in Mumbai and has trained 4000 women!


4# When helped in developing a proper insurance scheme for Bollywood’s stunt artists.


The scheme covers 380 stuntmen and women between 18 and 55 years of age.


5# When he openly spoke about his childhood and his encounter with child abuse.


The ‘Khiladi’ proved true to his name when he bravely shared his history with child abuse.


Celebrities change and begin trends, which speaks volumes about their role in spreading messages in the society. We salute you Akshay for taking a stand and making a difference!



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