5 Times Akshay Kumar Proved He is More than Just An Actor

Akshay Kumar is more than just an actor. He is also a socially conscious person who doesn’t shy away from doing what he can to help people from different sections of the society

By Neha Jha

Jul 28, 2017  Updated On : Jun 25, 2018

Stars can surprise us sometimes, not just with their performances, but also their kind gestures. Yes, they do live a life of luxury. But, they can be equally conscious of the problems that inflict our society. Akshay Kumar is one such person who has his head at the right place and, where needed, let’s his heart do the talking. He is someone who has seen the best of times and the worst of times and manages to deal with everything that life throws at him with panache.

Not many know about the innumerable personal hardships Akshay Kumar endured to reach the peak of stardom. Regardless of his success, the Gold star keeps himself firmly rooted and never shies to give back to the society in whatever ways they can.

We take a look at some of the initiatives Akshay Kumar took to help various sections of the society so far.

Mobile App for Martyrs -

With a whole lot of people talking about the valours of the army, but actually doing nothing to help them, Akshay Kumar went one step ahead and launched a mobile app called Bharat Ke Veer along with Union Minister Rajnath Singh to donate money to families of slain soldiers. The app was launched on April 9, 2017, and Akshay Kumar also released an anthem for the initiative on January 20, 2018. He also talked to his fans via social media and asked them to spread awareness on the same. While other people were busy protesting against films starring Pakistani actors, Akshay Kumar did some real-life work which would directly benefit soldiers. That is why he is the action Kumar on screen as well as in real life.

Financial Aid to Farmers -

When all the political parties were busy politicising farmer suicides, Akshay Kumar decided to help the poor tragedy hit families by donating them a sum of Rs 90 Lakhs. The sum was given to around 180 families who had lost their bread-earners because of huge debt and inability to cope with the severe drought that occurred in Maharashtra in 2015. Not just that, he had also donated Rs 50 Lakhs to aid drought-affected farmers and their families through Maharashtra government’s Jalyukt Shivar Abhiyan. And mind you. Unlike many other stars, he did not advertise it in any way.

Martial Arts School for Girls -

A trained martial artist himself, Khiladi Kumar believes that women should be trained in martial arts from a very young age. Akshay Kumar had studied martial arts in Bangkok, Thailand and also has a black belt in Taekwondo. His relationship with martial arts goes back to his school days when he began practicing karate while studying in the eighth grade. After he got the land allotment from the state government, he opened a martial arts school in Bhayandar. That apart, he had also hosted the TV show Seven Deadly Arts with Akshay Kumar. However, he did not charge a single penny for the show. It was never about money for him, it`s always about the cause.

Insurance Scheme for Stunt Artists -

Bollywood employs thousands of stunt artists, many of whom come from small families and do not get adequate compensation while they risk their lives and earn no fame whatsoever. Plus, they can lose their life anytime and there is absolutely nothing to take care of their families. Who better than Akshay Kumar to have understood the plight of stunt artists since he was a stuntman himself. In fact, he continued to perform his own stunts in his own films which earned him the tag “Jackie Chan of India.” Understanding the plight of stunts artist in the industry, he decided to open an insurance scheme for them. The scheme covers 380 stunts men and women between 18 to 55 years of age.

Child abuse Trauma -

Now, a whole host of actors in Bollywood have dealt with child abuse. But, it`s only recently that they began to open up about it. While it is a general misconception that only females are at the risk of abuse, Akshay Kumar opening up about his experience with child sexual abuse was a big step by a mainstream actor. Speaking at an event for women’s safety, he recalled how he was molested by a liftman at the age of 6. He said, “I was going to my neighbor’s house and used the lift. The liftman touched me inappropriately from behind. Though he was brought to book, I still refuse to use the word “bum”.” He also stressed the importance of speaking up about such incidents to one’s parents and close ones. “I told my father about the incident and he filed a police complaint after which we got to know that he had a history of such crimes,” he revealed. This was a welcome change from what most actors indulge in otherwise, trying to hide their deepest fears.

His Innumerable Charities -

In March 2013, he started a cancer shelter for policemen comprising of 30 beds in Naigaon. He also donated Rs 50 Lakhs to Salman Khan’s Being Human Foundation. Though he is a teetotaller, he did endorse a liquor brand. But, he donated 50% of the sum to charity. Unlike most actors in Bollywood, Akshay Kumar is a regular tax-payer. In the year 2013, Akshay Kumar was finally taken to be the highest advance taxpayer, he paid it for six consecutive years.

Akshay Kumar takes a stand on things he considers important. For someone who has seen his share of highs and lows, he does whatever he thinks he can. If you go back to his early days in the industry, nobody would have thought he’d be doing all these multifarious activities in the future. But, well, here he is! Kudos to Akshay Kumar for being a Khiladi in both reel and real life.

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