6 Roles of Akshay Kumar That will Leave You Amazed!

Check this out to relieve Khiladi Kumar’s best performances till date!

By Nikita Dutta

May 15, 2018

Coming from a non-filmy background Akshay has emerged as one of the best Bollywood actors. He has reinvented the way Bollywood audience perceive action and has always entertained his fans whether it is with his comic timing or power-packed punches. He has never stopped even numerous challenges in his life and with some really volatile lows and some steep highs.

Best Performances By Akshay Kumar


Release Year

Character Name

Hera Pheri






Special 26


Ajay Singh



Ranjit Katyal



Rustom Pavri

Pad Man


Lakshmikant Chauhan

Raju in Hera Pheri-

Akshay Kumar’s one of the most remarkable role portrayals was Raju which no one can ever forget. The ultimate comedy film is one of the masterpieces where Akshay`s performance was simply outstanding. The movie revolves around 3 totally different individuals who face a shortage of money and to escape from the problems they decide to carry out a mischievous plan which ends up in the ultimate Hera Pheri.

Aarush in Housefull-

The comedy film will definitely tickle your funny bone no matter what. As we all know that Akshay can easily juggle genres but it`s his comic chops that always leave us amazed. Just like the breezy ‘Hera Pheri’, this time also, Akshay has set the frame on fire. The movie revolves around a man who feels that he is jinxed and ends up messing his own life.

Ajay Singh in Special 26

The movie was based on the fake raids carried out by some conmen in the 80’s which comes into the spotlight because of Akshay Kumar’s spellbinding performance. The flick gave him the belated recognition as a real performer in Bollywood which he definitely deserves.

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Ranjit Katyal in Airlift-

Based on 1990 airlift of Indians from Kuwait, the movie had a long-lasting impact on the viewers. His plays a businessman, responsible father, loving husband as well as a benevolent person who sought to help people amidst crisis was heartbreaking and is considered as one of the finest in his career.

Rustom Pavri in Rustom-

With the most gripping performance by Akshay Kumar, the movie revolves around one of the biggest legal battles between the State of Maharashtra and Naval Officer, Rustom Pavri. It fetched him the National Awards after 2 decades of his acting career. His performance was so promising that we could not resist but glue our eyes on the screen until the very end.

Lakshmikant Chauhan in Pad Man-

Inspired from the inventor of a low-cost sanitary pad the manufacturing machine, Akshay beautifully played the role of Muruganantham, a mechanic who lives in a village in Madhya Pradesh. He acts as the perfect bridge between subtle humor and a straight face to debunk one menstrual myth at a time.

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Akshay might not be another Khan, but he is the ultimate AKSHAY KUMAR of the industry and nobody can even think of replacing him in Bollywood. The reason why his fans love him so much over the last 2 decades is that his acting speaks much more than his words.

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