One Of The Best Smiles Of The Industry, Here Are 5 Akshay Kumar Performances That Will Prove Him To Be The Finest!

Here is a treat for all Akshay Kumar fans, you’re welcome!

By Vaishali Behera

May 1, 2018

Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia AKA Akshay Kumar, born on 9 September 1967, proved to be the biggest icons of the Hindi film industry. He began his acting career with many flops till his hit Main Khiladi Tu Anari dropped which was his breakthrough performance. He has gone through various highs and lows in his career but nothing could deter him from reaching the top of the ladder which is why probably he was known as the Khiladi of Bollywood. Known for his strict and healthy lifestyle his disciplined lifestyle is an inspiration to his huge fan following.

If you wish to see his highest commercial hits first before delving more into his performances here are his highest grossing movies, which prove he is not just all complex performances but also wins hearts with commercial entertainment too! That is one compliment every actor would wish to receive!

 Best 5 Movies of Akshay Kumar


Release Year

Box-office Collection

Toilet: Ek Prem Katha


133.60 Cr

Rowdy Rathore


131.00 Cr



129.00 Cr



127.42 Cr

Jolly LLB 2


117.00 Cr

So now that we have gotten the commercial hits out of the way we have the real gems of the compilation which consists of Akshay’s best performances, which prove his mettle like nothing else:

Ajnabee –

Generally beginning with a negative role isn’t very nice but that is not the case in hand. Akshay played the bad villain in the movie and made us fangirl over him even more. The story of a couple who move into a new neighborhood in a foreign country and get close to their immediate neighbours, a couple with a different lifestyle and outlook. Akshay plays the husband who plans to exchange wives much to the other man`s dismay. The weak plot of the movie along with average performances by the other leads makes it even easier for you to glue your eyes to Akshay, not like he needs any. He plays the bad with a certain elegance and makes the phrase “Bad Boys are always what girls prefer” so much more believable!

Hera Pheri –

One of the best comedy movies made by Bollywood ever, this movie is one cult classic that Indian audience could watch over and over again irrespective of mood and time. Akshay played the role of Raju who is a part of a group of three men who portray excellent camaraderie all while going through a series of funny accidents which could make a rock giggle! Akshay plays the role of the mischievous and selfish guy with a good heart with such ease that it is impossible to imagine anyone as his replacement.

Bhool Bhulaiyaa –

A remake of the Malayalam blockbuster, Akshay played the crazy and weird psychologist who tries the logical way to cure his friend`s ailing wife who seems to be possessed by the ghost haunting her husband`s ancestral home which is a very old palace. Akshay enters the movie quite late after a chunk of the story has been elaborated and the audience is acquainted with the general scenario. Akshay acts like an asset to the movie instead of being the star he is, he becomes his character and acts as nothing more than a catalyst to the development of the story. His subtle yet complex portrayal of the doctor, all while showing the various sides to him is what makes his performance memorable.

Special 26

This real-life adaptation has an amazing storyline with an even better star-cast. Akshay plays the lead in the movie as a team of 26 people is recruited to loot various places in the most organised way ever. The story unravels in such a way that you cannot help but empathise with the core team of thieves who plan the heists. Akshay’s controlled and disciplined demeanour of a fake CBI officer is impeccable. With performers like Manoj Bajpayee and Anupam Kapoor, Akshay still manages to steal the spotlight.

Oh! My God –

One of the most loved Akshay Kumar movie this one stirred controversy all while getting a lot of love from the audience. The story revolves around an atheist who loses his shop to an earthquake and the government rejects his plea for a fund to cover his losses claiming it to be an act of God, which puts the financial aid out of their coverage. He then fights the case against God in the court of law all while dragging the fake and treacherous God-men into the court. Akshay plays Krishna in the movie and probably no other actor could play the role of the notorious God with such élan.

These were a list of Akshay Kumar’s best performance and if you are not watching these already then what are you even doing?!

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