Aishwarya takes a Big Risk with Jazbaa

Aishwarya takes a Big Risk with Jazbaa

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Jun 30, 2017  Updated On : Apr 23, 2018

Jazbaa marks the return of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan after a seven-year hiatus. Inspired by the South Korean film Seven Days, she plays a lawyer and a single mother whose daughter gets kidnapped. The kidnapper demands her to defend a convicted felon in court in return and here begins the chase.

The film also stars Irrfan Khan as a cop who has been suspended by corrupt police officials for his wayward ways. He begins digging for information on the case with Anuradha. The film is touted to be a thriller and even though both Aishwarya and Irrfan have done such films before, Jazbaa comes across as a typical Sanjay Gupta thriller. But there’s more. We meet Jackie Shroff as Mahesh, a politician who helped his son Sam (Sidhant Kapoor) hide the body after his girlfriend is raped and murdered by their drug dealer. The whole puzzle seems incongruous until Anuradha and Yohan meet Garima (Shabana Azmi), the victim’s mother.

The pace of the film goes up and down in many places. Add to that the seemingly romantic triangle between Irrfan and Aishwarya as he begins to get the hots for her. The car chases and the grimness of the film reflect all through. Aishwarya has chosen the right film to make a comeback. Even though she seems rusty in the beginning, towards the end, she is all about the character and her eyes do most of the talking. While Irrfan Khan could have done a far better job than mouth lines like Mohabbat Hai is Liye Jaane de Raha Hoon, zidd hoti toh baahon mein hoti.” There are a couple of songs out there too but these do nothing than distract the audience.

While she could have chosen any other movie to make her comeback, Aishwarya dares to choose a film like Jazbaa to do so. And that speaks volumes about her ability as an actor.

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