Aamir Khan and Events: What Makes the Actor choose them over Award Shows?

Aamir Khan and Events: What Makes the Actor choose them over Award Shows?

By Neha Jha

Mar 6, 2018  Updated On : Apr 26, 2018

Aamir Khan and award shows don’t go together. But Aamir Khan and social causes do! The actor, who is known to be a perfectionist, made news with his chat show SATYAMEVA JAYATE bringing forth issues of social relevance. He does hardly one film a year and that too, with gaps in between. The last Aamir Khan release was Dangal in 2016. He had Secret Superstar last year, but that was more of a Zaira Wasim film, though he did tout it to be an Aamir Khan film. And now, Aamir Khan was seen in a book launch – filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani’s wife Manjeet Hirani’s book How To Be Human - Life Lessons.

No to Award Shows

In his last appearance on Karan Johar’s chat show, Aamir said he does not know about the numerous link-ups doing the rounds in Bollywood. He hardly attends parties and has not attended award shows for the longest time. In fact, he was probably the first actor to snub big, glossy Bollywood awards. However, he was seen at the Academy Awards the year his film Lagaan received a nomination in the foreign language category.

Aamir Khan’s snubbing of award shows has a lot to do with the fact that SRK won the best actor award for DDLJ while Aamir felt he deserved it for Rangeela. There’s no enmity between the actors; in any case, he is closer to Salman who himself never won a Best Actor award. However, Aamir’s reluctance to attend B-Town parties and readily tearful eyes at his show SATYAMEVA JAYATE did not go down well with some people.

Sensitive, Socially Relevant Khan

When SATYAMEVA JAYATE first aired, people were all praises for Aamir and his social relevance projected on people’s TV screens every Sunday. However, the sensitive Khan and his tears appeared too much for some people even when he maintained that he cries easily. Aamir’s tears also made an appearance after the screening of Katti Batti, his nephew Imran Khan’s film. That film bombed at the box office. However, Aamir’s films have had a steady run always. And he doesn’t promote his movies as much on reality shows as other stars do.

But there is something inimitable about his appearance in special events. Aamir Khan has developed a brand of social awareness and serious causes, not flimsy parties or events other stars are busy attending. At least, that’s what his PR says.Remember the time Aamir sat with protestors of the Narmada Bachao Andolan? That was before the release of his film Rang De Basanti, one of the best patriotic films ever made. Almost all his movies – from Taare Zameen Par to 3 Idiots, PK and Dangal – dealt with issues of social relevance. He became the messiah of sorts for his viewers, which also distinguished him from the other 2 Khans.

All this activism makes up for his absence from the big screen for a while. And when he returns, the audience waits with bated breath to see substance in it – gender bias, superstitions or reforms in the education system.

So, you see, even when Aamir Khan does not do what other actors do, he is visibly present. That’s a smart strategy! Staying in the news for all the right reasons!

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