A final farewell to the first female superstar of Bollywood who left a mark in the memories all the 90`s Indian girls!

By Madhusmita Lenka

Feb 28, 2018

The news of the death of the iconic Bollywood diva Sridevi left us all stunned on February 25 on a lazy Sunday morning. Over the span of five decades of her career, Sridevi proved age is just a number and continued charming, mesmerizing and keeping us in awe. So it took us some time to come to terms with this huge loss. 

Chandni in Chandni

Yash Raj is the daddy of romance and Chandni was his creation. She spilled her charisma on-screen. She was sheer magic every time she started showing her moves.  No doubt her lover’s heart danced along with her. Chandni taught us how to dance like there`s no tomorrow, how to smile and to laugh so that no one steals your fire.

Girls started dancing at weddings without a second thought ‘log kya kahenge?!’ Chandni poured in a gallon of glamour and sensuality in dancing like never before.
Pallavi and Pooja in Lamhe

Pallavi and Pooja surely changed our perspective about love. Love didn’t come with age boundaries. The undeterred love of Pooja for her Kunwarji questioned the societal norms that an older man can’t be with a younger woman, and as Pooja Sridevi`s nonchalance was liberating.
Seema in Mr. India

Sridevi nailed the character on a different level. Sridevi portrayed a perky journalist that was not so fond of kids. In that iconic blue chiffon sari, she oozed sensuality, which is still in vogue. Seema as Charlie Chaplin was sheer magic all over the screen.
Sashi in English Vinglish

Shashi is your everyday mother and wife whose joy revolves around her husband and children. She imbues the role with delicate charm and unfailing honesty because of which the character is intensely likable and draws your empathy. 

We`re haunted by a slow melody of “Meri bindya” playing in my head as Sridevi is gone now!

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