5 Times Akshay Kumar Owned It!

5 Times Akshay Kumar Owned It!

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Aug 9, 2017  Updated On : Apr 24, 2018

With his latest statement where he stated that he joined Bollywood just for earning money but eventually realized the potential of films and the impact they have, Akshay made us reminisce some of his work which was so much more than just for commercial success. Let’s dig right in, shall we?

1# OMG Oh My God

Religion, one the most predominant things that affect us in one way or the other, is the main fulcrum that the entire plot is based on. A much needed reflection of the sad God-feared state we live in, the movie infuriates, motivates, inspires, calms and gives a spirit of optimism. The hilarious depiction of God-men is worth all the flak the makers received.

2# Baby

The makers of this movie made a clever move as they pulled at our patriotic strings while giving a nail biting experience throughout the movie, like who wouldn’t love some of that? The movie makes you see Akshay in a different light altogether. The élan with which he portrays the character is commendable.

3# Jolly LLB 2

Our existence in a corrupt judicial system and a fraudulent police administration is rightly questioned in this movie. The perfect mix of innocence and determination to bring things to justice could not be delivered so well by any other actor! The movie succeeds in making you aware of your inner strength and rebuilds faith in the law system of our country.

4# Airlift


This movie will drive you if not anything. Akshay’s despair when he loses his family and his transition as he realizes the value of having a safe place to return to is appreciation worthy. He then assists in rescuing Indians trapped in a foreign land which get us back on track with loving and cheering for Akshay. The movie speaks of brotherhood, generosity and self-preservation.

5# Special 26

One of the best cop-robber chase movies ever, this one will keep your eyes locked on the screen and you on the edge of your seat. The plot is swift and Akshay’s performance acts as the cherry on top. It puts cops and CBI in a super-cool light and suave mode which is generally not the case.


From Hera Pheri’s Raju  to Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’s Keshav, Akshay has been the perfect blend of beauty and brains. A noble man indeed!



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