5 Times Bollywood Celebrated Diwali

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Oct 16, 2017

Diwali is one of the most famous festivals in India. It is celebrated to mark the victory of good over evil. Bollywood being the face of Indian cinema has time and again celebrated Diwali with great pomp and show. With Diwali being few days away, we see news of Diwali parties by various stars all through this week.

So, there are few instances in Bollywood films where the Diwali celebration was grand and epic. Today, we are going to list down 5 such films, where it was celebrated with utmost love and energy.


1.     Kabhi Khusi Kabhie Gham:


This film gave all the limelight that Karan Johar needed in his career. The film stars Amitabh Bachachan, Jaya Bachcahn, Shahrukh Khan, Kojol, Hrithik Roshan and Kareena Kapoor in the pivotal roles. The Diwali celebration in the film shows the return of the elder son played by Shahrukh and how his mother already knows he is going to come (could it be more filmy?). The title track of the film is depicted in this scene. It shows how grand the festival is with a grandeur set and too much bling!


2.     Aamdani Atthani Kharcha Rupaiyaa:


K. Raghavendra Rao directed this multi starrer comedy film in 2001. The film revolves around a couple played by Govinda and Juhi Chawla who move into a new neighborhood. The Diwali scene in this film shows that even if we don’t have our family with us during the festival, people around you can become a part of your family and you can equally enjoy it. The song “Aayi hai Diwali sunno ji gharwali” plays along the scene.


3.     Mohabbatein:



A classic and talked about musical of our times was directed by Aditya Chopra which brought Amitabh Bachchan and Sharukh Khan together. Amitabh Bachchan plays the role of a strict headmaster of a boy’s school who lost his daughter because of his strict attitude. The Diwali scene here shows, the bonding between the boy’s school and the nearby girls’, clichéd much? One need to loosen up a bit no matter how strict or grounded on is! The song “Pairon mein bandhan hai” plays along the scene. The literal and figurative meaning of this song will let you peep into their lives.


4.     Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikander:


I am sure everybody remembers this film. It etched in our teenage hearts and gave us cute memories of first love! It is a sports drama film directed by Mansoor Khan stars, Aamir Khan in the lead. This movie was basically about the aspirations of a middle class guy. The Diwali song in the film “Shehar ki Pariyon” talks about the amazing qualities of local girls. The backdrop of the song is Diwali celebration. In the song you can see Ayesha Jhulka and Aamir Khan dancing to it.


5.     Home Delivery:

The plot of this debacle film actually revolved around Diwali. The film stars Vivek Oberoi, Ayesha Takia, Mahima Chaudhary and Boman Irani in the lead roles. The film shows how it takes on eday to change one’s perspective to life forever. Everything happens on the eve if Diwali, Sunny (Vivek Oberoi) has loads of work to do, but Michael Burnett (Boman Irani) teaches him unknowingly how to make his priorities straight. No matter how it did in the box office, it gave us our favorite Diwali song “Happy Diwali”.


With Diwali, just around the corner, we at the Fresh Box Office wish you a very happy and safe Diwali. Don’t forget to tune into these Diwali songs and make your celebration a tad bit filmy! 


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