5 Reasons to watch Mom NOW!

By Admin

Jul 11, 2017

When you’ve a weekend plan that has been delayed since like forever and finally is hitting off this week, then it’s more than just another pizza night! With that perfect movie which has its moment of thrills, what more could you ask for…right?

Without being any presumptuous, we’re bringing it down how MOM could be that lifesaver of a movie!

The first reason has to be the gripping storyline, the riveting narration & even more terrifying build-up of the scenes that hit you like a goods train! The scenes, the cuts and the screenplay are all on point & paces enough to make you take a moment to catch your breath!

The second reason is the misleading trailer & the characters on the screen, where the heroes and the foes are difficult to separate and that’s when your mind starts playing tricks with you! Ends up you’ve been paying attention to wrong things on the screen while the hints were dropped elsewhere! Guess it’s how a good trailer should be, keeps you wanting for more!

The third reason is something you’ve to check on with. Are you a fan of Kahaani? Or even the twisting NH10? If yes, this movie is just made for you alright - the unpredictability and horror!