5 must watch Bollywood movies before you turn 25!

By Ankita Mohanty

Jan 19, 2018  Updated On : Apr 10, 2018

Our movies are just not lights...Camera and action. They have depth, action, comedy, romance, heartbreak and most importantly, a lot of nautankis. Turning 25 is not a small deal! ( thanks to our movies ) It is a twilight zone. Leaving behind the innocence of youth and stepping into the complexities of adulthood. Let us ease this transition for you. So, here we have the top 5 movies that you must watch before turning 25, movies that will make you ponder and prepare you for the years to come!


Grab an ice tea, get in your jammies and just enjoy the show...

1. Dil Chahta Hai

There are times when you want to run away and then there are times when everything just feels right about the company that you have. Who needs a fancy vacation when the company is much more pleasurable?

2. Rang De Basanti

Are you a rebel? This is just the movie for you.

A gang of hot blooded-revolutionaries in their 20`s getting angry at the drop of the hat. The movie runs on adrenaline. A group of hot heads trying to work against the flawed system of the country.


‘Rang De Basanti’ tries to create an environment of activism on matters of public interest and throws open a debate: do we want to take matters into our hands or sit moan and complain?

3. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Nothing could connect better with youngsters as much as YJHD did. Friendship, travel, love, and self-realization. As if each moment in the movie is a page from Naina and Kabir`s travel diaries. 

4. Fukrey

If you are in your mid-20s and in a situation where your life has been truly screwed, this movie is Hellblazer! And when you are neck deep in s*#@, you realize all you need is a little bit of a chill pill and a lot of street smartness. ‘Fukrey’, in a very light-hearted manner, lets us know that with the help of your friends and a bit of `cunning`, you can manage your way out of any situation.


5. Pyaar Ka Punchnama

This movie is tailor-made for those of us who stay miles away from serious stuff. For the `happy-go-lucky-sunshine & daisies` people out there. Life is not all about brooding and wallowing, it’s equally about having relationships and having fun, or... NOT? in this case!


This quirky take on the bachelor life and modern-day couples is a must watch for anyone dealing with a quarter-life crisis. Managing Naukri with chokri is the very essence of the movie. Badass girlfriends and frustrated guys. The plot builds on stereotypes but in the funniest way possible. A must watch!


And for the bonus...


Saqib Saleem and Taapsee Pannu’s upcoming movie Dil Juunglee is a recent addition to this genre of movies. Yet another unconventional tale of love, in the movie, Saqib portrays the role of Sumit Uppal a gym trainer and an aspiring poet whereas Taapsee essays Koroli Nair – an English counselor. Koroli, who just suffered from a heartbreak crushes bad over Sumit, the typical Indian Gabbru, at an English class. Despite her friend suggestions to have more of friends-with-benefits kind of relationship, she ends up falling for him. After few years we see both the leads happy with their partners, but a twist arrives when both cross their paths again. Set for release on 16th February, it would make a decent Valentines release.

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